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“What Does Trust Mean To You?” Giveaway Winner!

11.08.11 “What Does Trust Mean To You?” Giveaway Winner!

Jackson and his son

Last week, to celebrate our “MightyNest Trusted” Seal, we held an exclusive giveaway for our newsletter subscribers. It was our way of thanking them for trusting us with their health and home.

The giveaway asked for a quick story explaining, “What does trust mean to you?” We received many heart-felt and compelling entries...but we are proud to announce JACKSON P. from Redwood City, California, as our winner! Jackson won the Duralex Picardie Glasses (four 16-oz.four 12-oz; retail value of $42.50). His winning entry is below.


What trust means to me...

To me, trust means knowing that the job will be done and done right. Trust means security and a sense of safety in someone (my wife), some pet (if I had one), or some product (the kids glass water bottles we bought and love from Mighty Nest).

To my 7 year-old son, the huge concept of trust means knowing he'll be able to count on me to help him tie his shoes, build a Lego X-wing Star fighter, listen to him tell the story of what his favorite food is and why (pizza, hawaiian), and that I'll be there to tuck him in and give him a magic dream kiss before bed.

To my 4 year-old son, the even bigger concept of trust means that I'll be there to give him a hug when he inevitably falls and scrapes his knee, that I'll make his tasty organic yogurt with bananas and strawberries parfait when he asks me nicely for it, that I'll read a story with verve and energy and that I'll help him make his Cub Scouts rain gutter regatta boat the best it can be.

Thank you Mighty Nest for giving me the opportunity to write down my thoughts of what trust means to me...helping me focus and put a sometimes hectic life in perspective.

Sincerely, Jackson


Thank you to all our participants for taking the time to let us know what trust means to you. We were truly moved reading all the wonderful entries.

Tomorrow, we are unveiling Part 3 of 4 of the “MightyNest Trusted” Seal and will be running another giveaway (get excited, it’s going to be a photo contest!)

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