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3 Children's Books to Celebrate Spring

03.22.11 3 Children's Books to Celebrate Spring

Up here in Vermont we live for spring. I mean, really. We literally go berserk. If it is 40 degrees and sunny, people become uncorked. They run, barely clothed, through the streets. We sit on porches. Everyone is outside, doing something. Because for months and months, we’ve been inside, in the dark, huttled around our woodstoves.

Okay maybe I am exaggering just a wee bit. But spring is a really big deal here. It’s like we should be awarded a congressional medal of honor just for making it another winter. Right now, I'm looking out on 8 new inches of snow.  My one and only flower, a sweet purple crocus, is now covered.  I've got my mind on open windows, new leaves, and bright colors. Where I live, this is unfortunately still a long way off.  So we read about spring.

Here's 3 books about spring that we love: 

My favorite new spring book is North Country Spring, by Reeve Lindbergh and Liz Sivertson. The paintings are beautiful, and it is a tribute to the waking up of everything, animals, plants and people.

Next up is Maple Sugaring Season by Anne Purmell and Jill Weber. It’s the middle of sugaring season here, and this great book illustrates the human and natural landscape of maple syrup production in one family. Sweet, clean fun.

And the funky three dimensional seeming art of It’s Spring by Linda Glaser welcomes all the splishy, splashy joys of the season.

Sigh. Now I just have to wait for the spring peppers and wood frogs to come to our pond (I think I am more excited for spring then my girls). These books can help you get ready and drink it all up with your little ones, every bit.

I'm back to my winter storm warning, still waiting.  Happy Spring!


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