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3 Favorite Counter Storage Jars

07.19.12 3 Favorite Counter Storage Jars

sagaform jar

For those of you who are in the routine of buying bulk foods at the grocery, you may have experienced the common food storage dilemma: how am I going to store all of this? Food stored in flimsy plastic bags isn't terribly inspiring nor is the thought of chemicals potentially leaching into the food all that comforting. For those reasons, I have amassed several different styles of storage jars and now actually enjoy transferring my bulk foods at home.

I think it's safe to say that healthy food certainly looks better when stored in aesthetic containers. Especially ones made of glass or clay. And for me, having my bulk foods organized and in plain sight have really helped the creative juices when it comes to cooking and baking. If I'm reminded of the quinoa, the millet and the oatmeal, then I tend to use them. 

So, which jars work well for healthy storage AND good kitchen design?

Weck makes a 1 liter cylindrical canning jar that is perfect for food storage as well. The jars are made of thick glass to withstand boiling so they fell secure as everyday storage. And because the lids are also made of glass, there is no risk of BPA leaching as it can from metal canning lids. The jars also have wide enough openings so the re-filling is simple. Each jar comes with a natural rubber ring for airtight storage and 2 metal clamps. And if you're inspired to preserve some cucumbers, asparagus or peppers, you already have the perfect canning jar!



Sagaform's stoneware storage jars are a terrific option for displaying and storing dry foods like grains, pasta, coffee and granola. Made from stoneware clay and glazed with lead-free and food safe glaze. The tight-fitting oak lid is sealed with a silicone band to secure the fit. The 3 varying sizes (16, 33 and 50 ounces) work to store various bulk foods. All of the jars can safely go through the dishwasher but the wooden lid is best to wash by hand. The retro Scandinavian design adds the perfect amount of flair!



Anchor Hocking's stackable glass jar is another go-to food storage jar. Made from soda lime glass, these storage jars will keep your food air-tight fresh while keeping it healthy too. The 2 sizes (1 or 2 quarts) can also safely stack so you can store more individual jars in a smaller area, saving valuable conter space! We appreciate how easy it is to care for these--the dishwasher is just fine.

Besides storing staple foods, we've used these jars for homemade refrigerator pickles and other wet foods. They are easy to transport from fridge to table too!

What are your methods for storing bulk foods? 

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