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3 Gifts For the Whole Family!

12.11.11 3 Gifts For the Whole Family!

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Finding the perfect gift. It can be a complicated and frustrating task. But when you land on a great idea, we all know the feeling of excitement AND a rush of relief. And that's usually for just one specific person. But what about something meaningful, practical and fun for a whole family to enjoy together?

We used to get "family" gifts when I was a kid. I think it made for a much easier decision for our relatives and also prevented any sore feelings of discrepancy (to the kids!).  But those were also the days of EZ bake ovens, electric hot dog cookers and home gumball machines....popular at the time, but not the healthiest gifts to give.

Fast forward to today's more health conscious world and we think about our gifts a little differently. Here are three great gift ideas for the whole family:

1. Give people we love an alternative to plastic (glass!)...plus some personality! Glass products are free of harmful chemicals like BPA, PVC and lead, unlike plastic.  A great option is color coordinated glass beverage bottles. Drinking from glass is tasty, healthy and cool, especially in the colorful glass water bottles. At Mightynest, we've started changing things up with our water bottles, by switching caps and sizes for some stylish color blocking! Choose from a variety of styles, colors and sizes for a unique, fun and personal gift.

2. Give a tasty but healthy treat! Did you know that microwaveable popcorn bags are lined with icky chemicals to keep the outside of the bags oil-free? Making popcorn in the microwave doesn't have to come to a halt, just switch to a glass popcorn popper!  This glass popcorn maker is the perfect alternative--something the whole family can enjoy and something we here at MightyNest, love to give to those addicted to microwave popcorn. 

3. Give the whole family another way to spend quality time together! We love playing games with our families like mancala and the eco-recycling game. These games which are made from solid and recycled woods with nontoxic finishes and dyes. They are very unique games that are fun for the whole family. 

Looking for more ideas?  We have just the section for you. Check out all of our gifts for the whole family

Did your family give or receive gifts for the whole family? Any favorites? Do share....


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