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3 Picture Books that Teach History

02.03.11 3 Picture Books that Teach History

When I was growing up, history lessons in school were anything but interesting.  Lots of text book reading, lots of lecture, lots of notes.  I want my girls to know that history is really just stories-- true stories that matter.  These books are a great way to spark an interest in history and build background knowledge. 


Imogene's Last Stand by Candace Fleming and illustrated by Nancy Carpenter 


Meet Imogene.  She's ready to take on the city, town, state and nation (not to mention Mayor Butz).  Imogene will not let the the town of Liddleville, New Hampshire, destroy the crumbling Liddleville Historical Society to build a dreaded shoelace factory.  Imogene envokes the spirit of great historical figures as she fights to save her loved society. The book includes short summaries of each person quoted shows how one little girl can change the world.


Of Thee I Sing:  A Letter to My Daughters, by Barack Obama


This sweet book, a letter from President Barack Obama to his young daughters, introduces readers to powerful and interesting historical figures with colorful, lyrical illustrations.  What I love about this book is  that each historical figure is also represented as a child.  They stand as a group, with Sasha and Malia, and share their tools, inspiration, and the experience.  This book also teaches how we are all part of this American family and we all have something to give.  Currently, my daughter wants to be Billy Holiday.  That about says it all.  


Flight by Robert Burleigh


The historic fight of Charles Lindbergh is vividly portrayed in this striking book.  Readers are captivated by the airy views and the historic plane, and also the thought of staying awake that long.  Young readers will be inspired by Charles Lindbergh's perseverance and dedication and the dreamy, high altitude landscape.


What are your favorites for helping young readers connect to history?  

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