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5 Essentials for a Toxic-Free Yoga Practice

01.09.12 5 Essentials for a Toxic-Free Yoga Practice

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With the new year now underway, there's a lot of talk regarding change. It's like a clean slate is provided and we can take measures to revamp what we feel isn't working as well as it could. Sometimes it's a simple pledge to drink more water, eat better, exercise more regularly. Sometimes it's more abstract. Like the promise of learning something new or taking more risks. And sometimes, it's a bigger lifestyle change: the goal of living with less toxins in your life.

Many new year resolutions involve the practice of yoga, either as a beginner or a veteran with a commitment to practice more regularly. You'd think that the products sold for such a healthy pursuit would all be intrinsically good for you.....

Well, you might be surprised to know (and grateful to learn) that most conventional yoga mats are made with polyvinyl chloride or for short, PVC. Yes, PVC!! Also referred to as the "poison plastic". The reasons for using PVC are obvious: cheaper to make, provides a really sticky surface and gives the mat it's pliable nature so you can roll it up. Sticky is good for holding poses. Pliable is necessary too. And saving money doesn't hurt. 

What does hurt is when your healthy practice is compromised by the unhealthy off-gassing of chemicals while you immerse yourself in pranayamas (breathing techniques). Think about taking in a deep breath while your face is pressed against the mat in child's pose.... you're supposed to be visualizing the goodness of air massaging your organs... NOT the image of inhaling carcinogens!

The 5 Essentials of a Toxic-Free Practice: At Mightynest, we have a selection of natural and healthy yoga supplies, perfect for your healthy pursuit.

  1. Yoga Mat - The Jade yoga mats are made from natural rubber, free of PVC and BPA. And Jade yoga mats are the gift that keep giving! For every Jade mat sold, Jade Yoga plants a tree in partnership with Trees for the Future. We also carry Think Sport yoga mats, which are free of latex, BPA, PVC and other harmful chemicals. In both cases, there is no "new mat odor" which signals the off-gassing of chemicals.
  2. Yoga Towel - If you love doing HOT YOGA, the organic yoga towel is a luxurious treat, guaranteed to provide great relief in the tropical yoga studio. Thick and fabulously absorbant, perfect to accompany any gym workout.
  3. Yoga Blocks - For restorative yoga, we stock yoga blocks which are filled with buckwheat hulls and encased in organic cotton covers. The blocks are firm enough for supporting poses but soft enough to use for back stretches. This is a terrific alternative to conventional foam blocks.
  4. Yoga StrapsOrganic cotton yoga straps. Made with stainless steel and organic cotton, this wide strap will provide firm support to allow for a deeper stretch.
  5. Yoga Bolsters - And finally, we also carry organic cotton yoga bolsters, stuffed firmly with organic, dust-mite-proof kapok. The bolsters are made with a 100% cotton muslin case, along with a convenient zippered, removable cover. Perfect for back stretching asanas.

If you practice yoga, what are your favorite props to use?

*To help you achieve a non-toxic yoga practice, we're offering 10% off all yoga product orders of $50 or more. PLUS receive a free Anchor Hocking Glass Bottle with any yoga mat purchased for a limited time!*

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