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7 Reasons Your Real Food Deserves Real Containers

02.19.14 7 Reasons Your Real Food Deserves Real Containers

Consider the alternatives to storing healthy food in chemical laden plastic… then tell us: are you ready to give glass a try?

When you’re passionate about choosing and preparing healthy, real food for your family, making informed choices about how you store it is a natural next step. Plastic is a common go-to — but when you think about it, not really aligned with the idea of real food.

At MighyNest we believe there are plenty of good reasons to use glass to store your amazing real food creations:


1. Food stored in glass tastes like it’s supposed to:

Store food in glass so it won't be altered by the flavors of previously stored food or stale refrigerator smells. Glass is non-porous and difficult to scratch (reducing the risk of trapped food particles) and there is no plastic-y taste competing with the great flavor of your food.


2. Glass keeps freshness in, moisture out:

Air and moisture can significantly alter the flavor, texture, and freshness of dry foods. Containers with a band of silicone or natural rubber create a tight seal and prevent clumps from forming in dry goods and keep crispy foods from going stale. In the refrigerator and freezer, using air-tight containers helps preserve the quality of the food and protect it from moisture induced freezer burn.


3. No yucky chemicals to contaminate your food:

Glass is a natural material. It's impermeable, non-porous, and above all, real (like the food you put into it). Conversely, plastic containers are made with chemicals like BPA and PVC (phthalates) to make them both hard and soft. Plastic degrades over time, releasing these chemicals into your pure, carefully prepared food. Unlike plastic, glass can take the heat; not only in the oven and microwave, but also the hot cycle of your dishwasher, which makes it particularly easy to sanitize.


4. See your beautiful food clearly, find it easily:

No matter how hard we try to practice a first-in, first-out system when storing food in the freezer, inevitably some things get pushed to the back where they can be easily forgotten. Storing in clear glass makes it so much easier to see what’s you’ve got. If you’re into food dating (sounds fun, right?), washi tape adheres well to glass and a wax china marker cleans off easily.


5. Glass is incredibly versatile and easy to store:

Glass storage containers come in a vast array of sizes and shapes so it's likely you'll find multiple uses for each container; Take-to-work lunches, storing leftovers or cut produce, making dishes ahead of time to refrigerate or freeze for later. Glass containers also come in handy for basic pantry or fridge storage of foods that need to be transferred out of their original wrapper like cheeses, deli meats, grains, etc. Many glass cooking and storage containers come in nesting sizes — so much easier to manage than crazy stacks of plastic. 

6. Glass goes from fridge to freezer or oven, to table and back again:

Because glass performs safely at a variety of different temperatures, and is visually simple and attractive, you don’t necessarily have to dirty up another container to heat food that’s been stored or to serve food that’s been heated. Glass also has a huge capacity to absorb and retain heat so when your homemade dish is made in glass, it will likely stay warm for second helpings at dinner.

7. Its beauty endures:

Don’t let its beauty fool you, glass is incredibly durable and holds up to years of reuse. Though it’s admittedly more expensive to purchase, glass lasts longer than plastic, is made from a sustainable resource, and is 100% recyclable. So the cost to your family, and our planet, is less in the long run.


Glass Storage Solutions for Your Everyday Needs

If the idea of glass appeals to you but making the change seems daunting, ask yourself: What type of food storage is your biggest challenge? And start there. Here are our glass storage picks for the most common real food storage needs: 


With the right lunch containers, packing lunch can be less of a chore and may even turn into a solid routine. What works best is a container that you can trust will NOT leak in your bag and one in which the contents can be re-heated, if desired, without moving them to another plate or bowl. Solution: Wean Green meal or lunch cubes and Anchor Hocking True Seal rounds.




It’s always a good thing when there’s something leftover to pack for lunch or even combine with next night’s dinner. But it’s even better when it’s ALREADY in a container that can be quickly warmed up and served. Solution: Anchor Hocking’s True Seal and Bake n Store. Duralex’s Lys containers and Wean Green meal containers


Bake Ahead

It sure would be nice to have a night where dinner was already made, ready to be pulled out of the freezer and into the oven. Solution: Anchor Hocking's Bake n Store containers are both glass dish and glass lid so you can keep the lid on even in the oven and then stored for later in the freezer.


Dry Goods

Air-tight is key for lasting freshness. Stock a variety of different sized containers for common and not-so common staples. Solution: Simax storage containers, Anchor Hocking stackable jars and Kilner hinged-lid containers.


Baby Foods

If you make your own baby food, you’ll probably agree that storing your homemade food safely is key. Smaller containers make it easy to grab a variety of foods for any given meal, and store them in the freezer. Finally, when you’re on the go, you’ll want to be assured that your baby food is secure in leakproof jars and not splattered throughout the diaper bag. Solution: Wean Green glasslock containers are durable, leakproof and easy to use.



If you’re in the habit of buying bulk spices (and saving lots of money doing so) you’ve noticed that plastic bags can’t keep strong flavors of cinnamon and chili powder separated in the spice area. Glass spice jars certainly do the trick and maybe even inspire using more healthy spices! Solution: 4 oz airtight glass spice jars, 160 ml Weck jars, 4 oz Wean Green jars are ideal for storing spices.


Whether you’re new to canning or a seasoned expert, having the proper jars makes this process all the more rewarding. Weck jars are one-of-a-kind: uniquely designed, beautiful and stackable. Weck jars have a reusable glass lid, natural rubber rings and stainless metal clips for sealing. Solution: Weck jars for years of use and safely preserved foods.

Now you know: glass is a pure, versatile, and lasting alternative to plastic containers, wraps, and bags. Are you ready to take the first step? MightyNest will donate 15% to your school when you replace plastic storage with glass.

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