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9 Healthy Gifts for a Lucky Dad

06.06.13 9 Healthy Gifts for a Lucky Dad

9 Healthy Gifts for a Lucky Dad

What to get for dear old Dad for Father's Day? Whether you're thinking about a gift for your own Dad or helping your kids give a sweet and healthy gift for their Dad, we have some ideas for you. And we promise they have nothing to do with being a #1 DAD (even if they are). You won't find personalized meat branding tools or cooking aprons with a sewn-in 6-pack holder either.

What you will find are some practical and well-designed products that will add to the quality of your guy's life, even if that just means toting a cold bottle of water around (sans the BPA!). Or upping his grilling game with a cast iron grill pan . Or brewing the smoothest pot of coffee in the most presentable and unique glass coffeepot.

For the coffee aficionado: the process starts with pouring boiling water ever-so-precisely with a swan-neck kettle around the rim of this hourglass glass coffeemaker. Very satisfying. Let the coffee grounds bloom (detailed directions here) as you contemplate what to make for breakfast. After a few moments, continue pouring the water while your brew drips into the bottom half of the hourglass. 

On the way out? Take the brew on the road in another classical form, the Thermos Sipp tumbler. It's insulated so your guy will be sure to have that hot coffee for hours after leaving the house. Now that's quality.

A Well Packed Lunch: everyone like to feel prepared. Give him the gear to bring delicious leftovers to work or for a mid-way fuel on a hike. The classic Thermos will keep food hot or cold for hours and the only update to this old-school model is the addition of a folding stainless steel spoon (conveniently snap-fits inside the lid). You can't go wrong with a 18/8 stainless steel insulated water bottle. This model is tough - it won't dent and it's made with 2 walls to ensure a COLD drink of water. Use the insulated Pack-it (store folded in the freezer) so your lunch will stay how you like it - either cold in the summer or warm in the winter. Perfection. P.S...they're on sale!


Grill, drink, snack:  This enameled cast iron grill pan is hearty and will be the cooking tool that gets passed down to the next generation to use. Known for excellent heat distribution, use it on the stove, in the oven or even place on a campfire! This perfect, smooth, nice-in-the-hand glass is the French Chope Unie tumbler from Duralex. Don't worry, it's tempered and probably won't break, even if he drops it. And if he does, the glass breaks into little crumbles that are easy to clean up - so shards for extra drama. Pair these with some high quality beer or a straw for his smoothie and you've got a thoughtful gift! And for snacking: no need to share with this personal popcorn popper. And it's easy! Just fill with kernals and microwave for a few minutes. Transfer out those microwaveable popcorn bags from the pantry (they're lined with chemicals - same ones that line non-stick pans!) and use a glass microwave popper

Happy Father's Day planning.

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