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A Complete Waste Free Lunch

09.04.13 A Complete Waste Free Lunch

repeat utensils

It's likely that many of you have already started (if not refined) a waste-free lunch packing routine. Taking steps to ditch the disposable plastic sandwich baggies for reusable cotton alternatives (saving countless and unnecessary bags from piling up for many years in the landfill). Packing sandwiches, pasta or last night's dinner in stainless steel containers keeps foods fresh, un-smooshed and appetizing until lunchtime. Filling a reusable beverage bottle in either a glass or stainless steel bottle allows you to kick the habit of spending money for endless juice boxes or mini plastic water bottles.

So what completes the waste-free lunch? 

Cafeteria tables often have a stack of paper napkins and plastic utensils for kids to use. And then throw away. When your child is hip to the idea of using reusable lunch gear, throwing away anything comes into question. So, prepare them with a reusable cloth napkin to wipe their hands and faces clean. And a set of smooth, appropriately-sized utensils made of sustainable bamboo or stainless steel make eating home cooked meals even better. 

Instead of disposable plastic packets like ketchup, mustard, honey and ranch, fill a LEAKPROOF stainless steel Lunchbots dips, and delight your child with his/her favorite condiment for their crudite to take a dip.

Reusable napkins: The average Amercian uses 6 paper napkins a day - that's 2200 a year per person! These cotton cloth napkins are reversible and small enough to perfectly fit a child's lap and tuck nicely into a lunchbox. Start good table manners at home and at school! Very durable and machine washable, too.

Or, opt for a People Towel - a reusable napkin made from 100% organic fair trade cotton and printed with eco-frinedly dyes. Choose from 5 different patterns.

Leakproof condiment containers:Worried about a lunchbox full of ranch dressing? This set of three 18/8 stainless steel condiment containers will safely keep dressing, nut butters or condiments INSIDE the 1.5 oz. container with the simple twist-locking lid. Lunchbot dips are dishwasher safe, able to resist rust and will last forever.

Reusable Utensils: Every year, Amercians throw away enough plastic forks, knives and spoons to circle the equator 300 times! And the plastic utensils are often made from styrene, a chemical prone to leach into hot foods and those with a high fat content. 

Bamboo utensils are a terrific choice for packing in school lunches (or for keeping in your bag, on your desk, etc) in lieu of using cheap, disposable plastic utensils. Heat and stain resistant, bamboo repeat utensils will not impart any flavor or odor so they're ideal for the many flavors of lunch! Available as a set (fork, spoon, knife and chopsticks) in a carrier made from recycled PET plastic or bamboo utensils without the carrier. 

Also available are stainless steel utensils. Options include the Din Din stainless spoon + fork set - flatware stored in a convenient carrying case or a set of Lunchbots cutlery (includes 2 forks and 2 spoons). 

Sweat-Free Ice Packs: Ice packs are notorious for being messy and are often to blame for a soggy sandwich. What's the alternative? Kids Konserve ice pack is encased in a sweat-free cover made from recycled plastic bottles. This BPA-Free, lead and phthalate-free ice pack will keep foods safely cool until after lunchtime. 

What waste-free lunchbox item are you missing?

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