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A Glass Sippy Cup!

07.12.10 A Glass Sippy Cup!

EIO kids cup

Why do I love this glass sippy cup by EIO?

Well, we have been using glass baby bottles for a little too long with our son - he is 2 and a half.  He drinks water out of regular glasses or stainless steel water bottles, but for some reason I felt like milk belonged in glass and I still wanted some spill protection.  So, I was thrilled when we found these glass training cups. The cup is made from a durable 8 oz. glass canning jar combined with a non-toxic silicone sleeve (for easy gripping and extra protection against breakage) and a spill resistant BPA-free polypropylene (#5) cap.  

The best part about this cup, (aside from being BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Lead free) is that there are NO spouts or valves!  No cleaning out moldy spouts and tracking down missing valves.  The EIO Glass Kids Cup is not called a "sippy" cup because it does not have the traditional spout usually found on sippy cups.  It has a small opening, much like that on a travel coffee mug.  This provides the proper training for drinking out of regular cups as it teaches sipping instead of sucking. Please note, this is not a spill-proof cup - if your child turns it upside and shakes it or knocks it over some liquid will come out - but much, much less than from a regular cup!

And when your child has mastered the sipping and isn't prone to frequent spillage you can simply recycle the cap and continue to use the cup, sans cap!

I thought it might be a struggle to switch from the bottle, but he took to it right away and never asked for the "baba" again! He is quite partial to the purple cup though - we have 1 purple and 1 orange, and he is fairly insistent about requesting the purple one.

Sound like the right cup for you?  Find it here...  

Still want more information?  Check out EIO's F.A.Q. page.

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