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A Well-Stocked Wooden Art Caddy

04.17.12 A Well-Stocked Wooden Art Caddy

art caddy

Sometimes all it takes is a nicely organized group of art supplies.....the eye candy to motivate a child towards exploring what they see and imagine. And then transferring it to paper or into a sculpted form. Frankly, who doesn't enjoy an array of beautiful colors in different shapes and forms?

The wooden caddy conveniently and efficiently houses each of the various art materials separately. Of course, spotting freshly sharpened colored pencils will most certainly exact a jolt of artistic energy as well. The added beauty to this aesthetic art supply collection is the peace of mind behind what's actually in it. EVERYTHING is made from natural, safe and quality materials. Natural plant extracts provide gorgeous tints and beeswax allows for smooth flowing marks, not sticky-crumbly-oily ones made from petroleum!

Pencils: A staple in any art supply bin. Using natural plant extracts, the colors from these smooth wooden pencils are gorgeous and feel great to use. They are break resistant and are free from a laquered finish, making the grip much more comfortable. The box of 10 pencils comes in a handsome wooden storage box. Also available are the 12 color Waldorf assortment. Try this art project with colored pencils:Geometric Flowers: drawing with a compass.

Natural Paint: Colored with Mayan Mineral Earth pigments, these paints are free from chemical dyes and petrochemicals. This paint is also long-lasting and washable. The colors are rich and the texture of the paint is smooth and viscous, making it easier for kids to make art. Try these art projects for kids with natural paint: exploring Kandinsky's circles and Vegetable Printing.



Wax Block Crayons: The blocks are a versatile choice:both the corners and wide sides can be used. Turn crayons on their side and create wide swaths of color, without the crayon snapping, because the blocks don't break! They're also fun to use for rubbings: place paper over an interesting texture and rub the block over surface to reveal a transfer.  At MightyNest, we have three choices for the wax blocks: a set of 16 in a wooden storage box, a set of 12 in a cardboard box and a set of 8 in a tin box.


Modeling Beeswax: Made with natural plant extracts and beeswax. As the beeswax is handled, it warms up and is able to be shaped with precision. Even after it hardens it can still continue to be reshaped through a warm hand. Similar to colored clays, modeling beeswax is terrific for kids who enjoy making imaginary worlds with people, homes and known objects.



Natural Glue: this is a non-toxic, clear drying, strong, and washable art glue that works on wood, paper, fabric and many other surfaces. Contrary to conventional glues, this natural glue is completely reversible with water and washes off any surface with ease. Of course this really comes in handy when you come across something not intended to be glued...little sister's hair, clothing, etc. We also like using this glue with our kids AND without the strong odor of chemicals that you typically find with other glues. 



Art Caddy: The perfect way to keep all of your art supplies organized in 8 different compartments. This makes for keeping pencils, brushes and tools separate while also protecting the tips (storing upright) from being damaged. The art caddy is made from solid wood and finished with a natural linseed oil. And of course, this caddy isn't just for art supplies! Use it in the bathroom for skin care, as a utensil carrier for the backyard/picnic or for a well organized desk!

What would you stock in this wooden caddy?



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