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Anchor Hocking: Glass for Food Storage & Cooking

06.27.11 Anchor Hocking: Glass for Food Storage & Cooking

glass food storage

Healthy eating isn't only about what foods you eat, but how you prep, store and heat those foods. As you've likely heard by now, studies have shown that preparing, heating and storing your food in plastic containers can adversely affect your health. Bisphenol-A (BPA), which is the main component of polycarbonate plastic, has been linked to many health concerns, including infertility, cancer and ADD.  And new studies are starting to show concerns with even BPA-free plastics.

Subjecting plastic containers to heat accelerates the leaching of BPA and other synthetic chemicals into your food. Children are particularly vulnerable since their endocrine and immune systems are immature. Along that same line, pregnant women and women of child bearing age need to be particularly cognizant of BPA’s health risks. To play it safe, we recommend using glass containers for baking, microwaving and storing your food.

Anchor Hocking has a line of glass baking and storage dishes that are nonporous and stain resistant. You can use one container to go from the oven, to your table, to the freezer thereby simplifying the amount of clean-up.

Bake ‘N Store: Available in 2, 5 and 12 cup capacity, these can go from oven to freezer and are all tempered glass (container and lid) making food preparation and storage a cinch. They are elegant enough to be placed directly on your kitchen table and durable enough to withstand a 425° oven.  (The 5-cup size seems to be the most popular in our household!)

TrueSeal: If you are looking for a glass baking dish with a lid that allows you to easily store food and take it to go these baking dishes with a TrueSeal lid are ideal. The dish itself is tempered glass and the leak proof lid is made from polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber. You won’t struggle to apply or remove the lid since it’s soft and pliable.  

  • For casseroles and baked pasta dishes there is a generously sized 3 quart dish ,a smaller size with 11 cup capacity and round casserole dish.
  • Cakes and brownies will stay moist and fresh when you bake and store them in this convenient, 8 inch square, glass cake pan.
  • For smaller portions, the Round TrueSeal storage containers are a great option. Available in 1, 2, 4 and 7 cup sizes, you can store everything from soup to potato salad and know that it will remain fresh.  Plus they are leak-proof, so they make great containers for transport.

For over 100 years, Anchor Hocking has prided itself on manufacturing quality glassware. The Anchor Hocking products that we sell here at MightyNest are all BPA free, PVC free and Lead free. And we love that their products are manufactured here in the United States!

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