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Announcing MightyNest for Schools: A Healthy Fundraising Alternative

08.26.13 Announcing MightyNest for Schools: A Healthy Fundraising Alternative

mightynest for schools

Two summers ago we began receiving calls from customers with essentially the same request.

“Can you help us help our child’s school?”

From building a school garden to launching a waste free lunch program to educating students on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle—the same passion that led families to create a healthy, safe and mindful home for their family has left the “nest” and begun helping schools.

Thanks to your calls (and the help of nearly 200 pilot schools across 30 states), today we are officially launching the MightyNest for Schools program and I am proud to say that yes, we can help your school!  

So what is MightyNest for Schools? It's a simple way to raise money while engaging your school community in healthy living.

Here's how it works:

  1. Raise money for your school while buying products you'll love! 15% of every order you place at MightyNest can be donated to an elementary or pre-school of your choosing. Your child's school, a family member's school or one in your community: pick the school you'd like to receive a donation from your orders.
  2. Engage your school community around healthy living! Every school in the program has a community page at schools.mightynest.com. On that page, anyone can earn points towards rewards for their school by pledging to take simple, healthy actions. There's no purchase required to participate, just simple pledges to live a healthy lifestyle.

It’s that easy.

To celebrate our official launch of MightyNest for Schools, one lucky school will earn a $5000 bonus and as many as 50 others can each earn $250 in prizes. The school with the most points wins!

To get started simply:

  1. Look-up your school at schools.mightynest.com and join the page.
  2. Share the page with your family and friends (their purchases and actions count, too)!
  3. Share the page with your PTA. (We consistently hear from our PTA partners that our fundraiser is the easiest and most rewarding fundraiser they've ever experienced).

Education is essential to living a mighty life. Thank you for joining us in supporting schools. If there is anything we can do to make the program stronger please let us know in the comments or send a note to schools(at)mightynest(dot)com.

If you like the idea of a school fundraiser that promotes healthy living, spread the word!

Live Mighty!

Chris, Kristen and the MightyNest team

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