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Announcing the "MightyNest Trusted" Seal

10.20.11 Announcing the "MightyNest Trusted" Seal

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Hi friends,

Earlier this week we shared with you the story of MightyNest and how one question changed everything.  We shared our story because we think it's important that you know us and what drives us.  

With the same goal of transparency, today we are proud to announce the "MightyNest Trusted" seal.  I am proud to be part of a team that works as diligently and thoroughly as we do to ensure we offer only what we believe are the best products for your family.  We are driven by the goal of making it easy for you to create a healthy home.  We know that you count on us to save you time by doing the research, so you don't have to.  We take your trust in us to heart and by extension, feel a sincere responsibility to ensure the products we offer are worthy of that trust.  

So how does that translate into product selection and what does it mean when a product earns the "MightyNest Trusted" seal?

  • The product must be free of BPA, PVC, lead, parabens and other harmful materials and chemicals.  Anything less is a not even considered.
  • The manufacturer must be trustworthy.  We keep asking questions about ingredients in products until there are no more questions to ask.  If at any point the manufacturer will not disclose any component of the make-up of a product, we refuse to carry their products.  This happens more than it should.
  • We only sell the best products.  We handpick the best products based on safety, durability and quality.  We imagine you don't have time to hunt through hundreds of options, so we filter them for you.  
  • A product must be good enough for our own home.  We would never sell a product on MightyNest.com unless it's something we'd use in our own home and give to our own children.

From day one this has been our criteria.  It is clear to anyone who spends time in our office how far we go to earn your trust.  We wanted that to be just as clear to those using our site. The seal is a representation of the rigorous process we've created to evaluate each product.  To be "MightyNest Trusted" is the highest compliment we can pay to any product.  It is an exclusive list of what we believe to be the best & safest products from the most trusted manufacturers.  These products have been handpicked for their quality and durability and are all items we would use in our own home.  It is both a badge of honor for the manufacturers as well as a symbol for our customers to easily and quickly identify safe, healthy, non-toxic and trusted products.

We believe that buying products for your home and family should be fun and rewarding, not exhausting and stressful. This is why each and every product on MightyNest.com has been rigorously vetted by our team and has qualified for the “MightyNest Trusted” seal of approval.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be showcasing the inner workings/product selection process here at MightyNest.  We will further explain the impetus behind the MightyNest Trusted seal and our goal to be a trusted resource.  We look forward to welcoming you into our world.


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