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Any Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness?

02.09.12 Any Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness?

morning sickness remedies

I’m pale. I randomly stop talking mid-sentence. I’m the first to leave meetings and the last to arrive. I’ve been known to walk away mid-conversation. You might find me sitting at my desk with my head down.  Yep, I’m 12 weeks pregnant and feeling as nauseous as ever!

I thought I knew what I was in for having done this once already. But this time its worse – much, much worse. Not only did my morning sickness start earlier (at 5 weeks as opposed to 8) but it's also much stronger.  And we’re not just talking about mild nausea here but vomiting…as in everyday, sometimes all day. To be fair, there were two days out of the last 50+ that I didn’t get sick.

Unfortunately, nothing seems to help. And so, I’m desperate. I’ll try anything, as evidenced by the laundry list of things below that I am trying/have tried: 

  • Going to bed early (like 8pm early)
  • Sea-Bands/sweet 80’s looking wristbands
  • lemon drops, lemon water, sucking on a lemon
  • peppermint tea
  • ice water
  • drinking from a straw
  • chewable children’s vitamins instead of pre-natals
  • vitamin b6
  • ginger
  • eating small, frequent meals
  • snacking on crackers, pretzels, etc
  • high protein food, cold food, bland foods 

I’m getting ready to add Patchouli oil and ginger capsules (I really can’t stand the taste of ginger but I just found out they have it in capsule form!) to the list above as these were recently recommended.

If this pregnancy is anything like the last one I have about 5 weeks left of this craziness.  

So, who has other natural remedies, ideas, tricks for me to try?  I’m pretty sure my husband, daughter, co-workers, dog, neighbors, etc. are just as tired of me throwing up as I am so..... bring it on!

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