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Safe Food Storage for Waste-Free Lunches

07.28.11 Safe Food Storage for Waste-Free Lunches

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Wow!  Doesn’t it seem like summer vacation just started?  And now, here we are thinking about sending our kiddos back to school.  Time really does fly by when you are having fun!  We hope you are all enjoying a wonderful, safe and healthy summer break, but if back to school is on your brain we are ready to help with ideas for non-toxic, waste free lunches. All products are BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free, lead-free.

PRESCHOOL/ KINDERGARTEN:  Lunch time is limited, so when you send your youngest student off to school, you'll want to make sure that time isn't wasted fumbling and struggling with opening difficult containers. 

  • Start with a Reusable Sandwich Wrap.  These nylon and cotton wraps fold up easily and velcro securely keeping a sandwich or bagel fresh.  When it's time to eat, all your little one has to do is unwrap and it turns into a clean and generously sized placemat. 
  • For dry food items, the 100% organic cotton Snack/Wich Ditty is a nice option.  Over the course of its lifetime, one Snack Ditty replaces about 1000 plastic bags.  How cool is that?  
  • Sometimes little hands struggle to open stainless steel containers.  As an alternative, the Little Bites Silicone Storage Jars are ideal.  You simply squeeze and the top comes right off - perfect for fruits and veggies.
  • Your child won't have any trouble staying hyrated when you pack one of these Foogo leak-proof water bottles.  One push of a button and the top pops open to reveal a silicone straw.  No tipping required!

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL:  As your children progress through elementary school they are going to want to look and feel like one of the big kids.  We have some great food storage items that are little kid friendly with a big kid look.

  • Sandwiches and crackers will travel in style when you send your child to school with reusable sandwich and snack bags by SnackTaxi.  With many different patterns to choose from you can mix - or match - these fun and funky ecofriendly bags.
  • Veggies and Hummus?  There's no need for separate messy containers when you pack a Lunchbots Duo.  This stainless steel, sectioned container is perfect for any combination of fruits, veggies, thick dips, spreads or cheeses.
  • Children don't always want to be seen with a sippy water bottle.  Instead, pack a LifeFactory 9 oz. glass water bottle which is guaranteed to make them feel like one of the big kids.  As an added bonus, you can rest assured that its leak proof cap will keep their beverage in the bottle and out of the bottom of their lunch sack.
  • Our office is all a buzz about these new insulated lunchboxes by Beatrix New York.  Their whimsical, modern graphics are stylish and fun!  Made from heavy duty nylon, you will feel good knowing that your child's lunch bag is also PVC, lead and phthalate free.


  • Looking for a simple and convenient way for your older child to transport their lunch?  The stainless steel Tiffin may be the answer.  This is a three-tiered 4x8 inch all-in-one, grab and go lunch system.  With three generously sized containers, you can easily fit a sandwich, fruits, vegetables, pasta, nuts or cheeses.
  • Applesauce? Yogurt? Watermelon squares?  Nothing is beyond possibility when you pack it in a leakproof, stainless steel nesting container by Kids Konserve.
  • A large sandwich calls for a container that won't smash it flat.  The Sanctus Mundo stainless steel food storage container will perfectly accomodate that triple decker ham and cheese, but is also large enough for a hearty portion of pasta or salad.
  • The Threadless stainless steel water bottle is ideal for an older child.  It has sleek lines and comes in a variety of cool, retro designs.  Beverages stay cold for up to 12 hours.
  • Your child may be too old for a lunch box, but they are never too old for one of these hip and modern organic cotton lunch totes from Rebel Green.

Whatever your family's lunch needs, we are committed to finding and offering the safest options available. Explore our entire selection of waste-free lunch gear.

Want to check out some of these products in action?  Watch our video on packing a waste-free lunch.

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