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Introducing Bamboo Bowls, Cuttings Boards, Utensils

02.10.11 Introducing Bamboo Bowls, Cuttings Boards, Utensils

We've added to our bamboo line! Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth, growing as quickly as 39 inches in a day. It also doesn't need replanting, grows without fertilizers or pesticides and is harvested from controlled stands with an astounding growth cycle of three to five years. It is a centuries old material that has been and continues to be used by over half the world’s population for the purpose of food, shelter, fuel and clothing.

Bamboo cutting boards are made by hand, by local collectives in China and Vietnam. Elegant in design, functional in the kitchen and snazzy as a serving board. Bamboo is lighter than most other woods used for cutting boards, less porous, and harder. Naturally anti-microbial and non-absorbent-- I love that onions aren't soaked into the surface! The boards also have carved hand grips (underneath on sides of the board) that make it easy to carry, without compromising the design. Made from a naturally safe material and without the use of any harmful chemicals, this is the board I want in my kitchen! The boards are finished with a natural food safe oil and can be cared for with a non-toxic cleaner/preserver for long term use.

The bamboo salad and serving bowls are absolutely sumptuous! They have a heavier weight than you would expect from the sleek design. In fact, with super smooth wood, I'd rather hold these in my hands while eating salad. The variation of the linear grain is exquisite and the hand made quality is evident as each bowl is slighty and subtley different. As with any wood, it requires proper cleaning: not meant for a dishwasher or prolonged soaking but you'll WANT to wash this bowl and marvel at its beauty.

Add some design flavor to your table with some bamboo condiment bowls to accompany serving bowls. Use for herbs, tapenades, dipping sauces or for any small fare.

                                     Finally, we also have these woven bamboo nesting baskets, which are perfect for keeping fresh produce, serving baked goods (line with an organic cotton napkin to keep basket clean) and you have a beautiful presentation. The double wall weave helps maintain the shape of the basket and feels sturdy to use.

Enjoy! These are fabulous and safe additions for your kitchen.

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