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Best Baby Bottles for my Family

02.16.11 Best Baby Bottles for my Family

BPA-Free baby bottles

Finding the best baby bottles is downright complicated.  Plastic, Silicone, Glass.  4oz, 5oz, 8oz, 9oz. Nipple material - latex, silicone, or rubber.  Nipple shape - traditional, orthopedic, flat-topped.  

Each family's needs and preferences are unique but the one thing we can all agree on is wanting safe baby bottles for our little ones.  For my family, that meant glass baby bottles and stainless steel baby bottles.  

Why Glass Baby Bottles?

For me, its because they were the simplest, easiest choice.  It didn't require further research on plastics and with glass, I don't have to worry at all about chemicals leaching into my daughter's food.  I bought (or received as gifts) two different brands - Green to Grow and Lifefactory.

Both are dishwasher safe, which is phenomenal in my opinion.  I typically hand-wash but every so often when the dishwasher is ready to go (and its late at night and I'm exhausted) I'll drop them in for a more thorough cleaning.  Its great to have that flexibility.  

Green to Grow - the ergonomic shape makes these incredibly easy and comfortable to hold.  The ounce/ml markers are imprinted on the side of the bottle which is perfect for measuring out exact amounts.  For glass, they are very lightweight and durable - I have dropped these bottles in my sink several times and they are still in perfect condition.  My favorite part is that they are compatible with most breast pumps, including my Medela pump, which makes life much easier.

Lifefactory glass baby bottles - the silicone sleeve on these bottles makes these glass baby bottles insanely durable.  Mine have survived being dropped on tile and concrete (my friend's survived being thrown down a wooden staircase).  The silicone sleeve also acts as a gripper which will be key for my daughter as she learns to hold her own bottle.  The best part is, it doesn't have to be removed for cleaning, even in the dishwasher.  

Why Stainless Steel Baby Bottles?

I decided on glass baby bottles so why did I need a stainless  steel baby bottle, too?  Well, my thought was there would be a few situations where glass would not be an option because, well, glass breaks, and I wanted to have a back-up.  

At first I was concerned about using stainless steel because you obviously can't see through the bottle. However, it turns out it was easier than I thought - the bottles have ounce indicators on the outside of the bottle, as well as in the cap, so you can easily measure out the amount your pouring in.  

Stainless steel baby bottles are a great non-plastic baby bottle alternative for babies in daycare, since a lot of daycares don't allow glass, as well as for traveling and on-the-go.  

The one factor I didn't mention yet in choosing baby bottles is the fact that babies have preferences, too.  I got lucky in that my daughter is not at all picky (I'm sure she'll make up for that some other way) and will drink from whatever I give her, but that's not always the case.  The best approach is to just buy one or two bottles to start with and go from there.

Did your baby have a favorite BPA-free baby bottle?

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