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Best PVC-Free School Lunch Boxes

08.23.13 Best PVC-Free School Lunch Boxes

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For many kids, picking out a new lunch box might just top the list (after planning the 1st day of school outfit) for feeling ready to head back to school. It's a chance to show off a sense of style with a favorite color or pattern or new obsession with a specific theme like owls, robots or dinosaurs. 

The unsettling feature on many conventional lunchboxes is that they're made with vinyl, also known as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and sometimes labeled with the number "3," or "V," or "PVC." PVC is an unnecessary plastic that is dangerous (often referred to as the poison plastic) to our children's health and the environment. PVC contains chemical additives like phthalates, lead, cadmium and organotins, according to CHEJ (Center for Health, Environment + Justice). 

Children are even most at risk, because "their developing brains and bodies, their metabolism and behaviors make them uniquely vulnerable to harm from toxic chemicals," according to research by the CHEJ. Chemicals, like phthalates, found in many popular kids' products have been linked to various health concerns.

EVERY lunchbox sold at MightyNest is free of PVC, BPA, Phthalates and lead.

Wildkin: We carry three different styles of Wildkin lunchboxes. For younger kids just starting out in preschool or kindergarten, we recommend the Munch n Lunch bag. No worries about unzipping this - the velcro strip keeps the top closed. For a classic rectangular shaped lunchbox, choose the solid colored or patterned lunchboxes. And for older kids, the Double Decker lunchbox (shown at left) really fits the lunchbox bill, especially becasue there is ample room to pack foods for heartier appetites.

Beatrix: Classic in shape and sturdy enough to last for years, the Beatrix lunchbox is a serious crowd-pleaser. Choose from several different sweet animals that all have a touch of humor. With Ample size (10"x7"x4") this one makes for easy packing - enough room to fit a water bottle too, bento box, sandwich wrap and a sweat-free ice pack. This one is so sturdy it can be washed in the washing machine! 

SoYoung: There are 2 different styles available from SoYoung - the lunch cooler (2 sizes) and the classic rectangular lunchbox. Both styles are insulated, both have removable inserts for easy cleaning and both come with adjustable + detachable carrying straps to wear over the shoulder or like a messenger bag. And both have a place for your name on the inside of the lunchbox and an outside mesh pocket for utensils or a napkin. 

Packit: Most lunchboxes require and added ice pack to keep foods fresh, but the PackIt is practically made with ice packs - all 4 walls of this lunchbag have gel packs sewn in between the fabric. The lunchbox folds down compactly and stored in the freezer for each use. There are 2 different sizes: the insulated mini lunch bag and the larger version, the insulated lunch bag. The Packit will keep contents cool for up to 10 hours and the bag itself is leakproof!

Milkdot: The Stoh lunchbox is beautifully made and carefully designed. Sleek and stylish, this lunchbox is deeper than most and will easily accomodate a thermos for those who enjoy bringing soup to lunch. The bag is insulated to help keep foods either cool (with the help of an ice pack) or warm. Easy to wipe clean and fold flat for storage. Available in many great colors and striped patterns too.

Kids Konserve: The insulated lunch sac (available in 3 colors) is made from recycled PET/plastic bottles (exterior) and the interior is insulated. This lunch sac is meant to be carried over the shoulder, and can easily fit taller water bottles and/or a thermos for lunch.

Fluf: Motivated to make something practical, durable and fun, the designers at Fluf made this 100% organic cotton lunchbag printed with azo-free dyes. The inside is lined with a wipeable nylon to make everyday use manageable but the lunchbag can be washed in the washing machine when it gets really dirty. Funny and smart, these lunchbags are a great way to carry lunch.

There are so many patterns and colors available yet all of these lunchboxes are safe to store your packed lunches without the worry of harmful chemicals present.

Click HERE to see all of the Lunchbox options.

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