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Best Travel Coffee Mugs

01.13.11 Best Travel Coffee Mugs

best insulated travel tumblers

Do you have the perfect travel mug? It took me awhile to choose the perfect travel mug. I had gone far too long carrying paper cups around. As a teacher, I felt responsible showing my students the value of conserving and using waste-free objects. I always used ceramic plates and bowls I made in the lunchroom and was always met with remarks about how civilized it was to be eating off proper ware. But I continued using the paper cup, mainly because it was easy to spontaneously run out to a cafe, without looking for my reusable mug. Little did I know, those paper cups are lined with a plastic coating and disposable caps are made from plastic #6, polystyrene which is considered a generally unsafe plastic, especially when used in combination with heat.

MightyNest would be a scary place if we didn't all have our BPA-free, coffee-laden travel mugs on our desks. We all think ours is the best and here's why:

I am now the proud owner of the metro mug. It's slim and modern and fits comfortably in my hand. An added bonus is the biner clip designed right into the handle, which I use to clip onto my bag when I need to be hands free.  Also of similar design, is the ibottle with infuser, a minimalist travel coffee/tea mug with built-in steel mesh filter. Perfect for people on-the-go or on a trip. Of the various styles and features available at MightyNest, one thing I knew for sure: they are all stainless steel inside and out and all have BPA-free plastic lids. Knowing that, it was clearly an aesthethic and practical choice.

Thermos' King tumbler has a manly look. The open/close mechanism is fun to play with but also feels secure like a heavy car door. It appears more "old school", with its industrial, muscular look reminding me of the green thermos I grew up using. Similar to the King tumbler is the female version, the fashion tumbler with a clean faceted exterior. Designed with subtle leaf drawings on a grey-purplish background, this would likely suit anyone looking for a bit of graphic design.

Thermos' Sipp tumbler is flat-out sleek, with an elegant shape: wide mouth and streamlined to a steady base. The innovative push button on the top allows for an easy and leakproof open and close. Sipp also comes with a handy tea hook which is cool for tea drinkers! Sipp also makes a mug with a handle for those who prefer the old standby.


All of these Thermos mugs are double wall vacuum insulation and leak proof! What's more, they honestly keep coffee hot for hours so you can take your time drinking your brew.

Which one would you choose and why?

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