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Blessed Nest: Organic Cotton Nursing Pillows

04.05.11 Blessed Nest: Organic Cotton Nursing Pillows

blessed nest pillow

There are a handful of conventional nursing pillows on the market, some even with odd names. When my daughter was a baby nearly 8 years ago, some of the standard nursing pillow contraptions were offered to me as hand-me-downs. I really disliked using them, right away. The pillow I tried was stiff and the material was itchy and the pattern was terribly unaesthetic. I remember relunctantly using it and hoping that it would soften and actually be of use. Eventually I gave up and relied on a system of balanced bed pillows, which of course, really wasn't practical nor calming.

Luckily, for all current and future moms who are in the market for a nursing pillow, there is the Blessed Nest organic cotton nursing pillows. How is this pillow unique to others?  First off, it's made entirely with organic materials, and certified by the very stringent GOTS. The unique shape and organic buckwheat hull filling allows it to contour to any body, providing the most support and comfort possible for both mom and baby. The fabric slipcover surrounding the malleable buckwheat form is made from organic cotton and is really easy to take off and get back on, so you can wash it with your regular laundry as often as you need to. It measures 26" wide, 16" deep and 5" wide.

Another quality distinction that separates the Blessed Nest pillow from other nursing pillows is the absence of chemicals used as flame retardants. Blessed Nest founder, Heather Anderson explains, Fire Retardants and other chemicals on nursing pillows have been known to cause breathing difficulties. Our Pillows passed VERY HIGH on fire safety. Chemicals on pillows tend to catch fire more quickly and melt."

The Blessed Nest is also a fabulous pillow for babies to spend time on their tummies. Since their young immune systems are still maturing, it's a good idea to avoid ingesting harmful chemicals like those present in flame retardants. The pillow's unique construction allows the hulls to move around and settle, providing a comfortable position for your baby. After your baby grows, the Blessed Nest pillow continues to serve well as a reading or stretching pillow.

What are your experiences with nursing pillows?

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