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DIY Kits for Kids

12.12.13 DIY Kits for Kids

DIY kits for kids

DIY isn't just for urban hipsters. Kids especially like to experience process and learning to follow steps towards making something entirely on their own. And what's one of the best reasons to make something yourself? The chance to mess up. Really. This is great for kids to experience, particularly when they're trained to do everything right in school. Instead of shying away from challenges that might end in "failure," why not allow our kids the opportunity to learn through a potential fail, to accept the inevitability of mistakes. As parents we know that mistakes can be a source of inspiration and also the most effective way to learn.

It's no wonder that kids ask, "can I try?" when watching their parents working with an interesting looking tool. Our bodies actually feel better with tools in our hands, our heart rate goes down and we relax into the action of making.

And now for some making!

DIY Lip Balm Kit: Created by 2 DIYers themselves (in Brooklyn, no less) this kit gives makers an opportunity to custom make a healthy and safe lip balm WITHOUT the crud of petroleum that exists in most other lip balms. So, if you don't want crude oil smothered on your kid's mouth, let them learn how to make their own. And they'll get to carry it around in a retro sliding lip balm tin (like their parents did!) Tailor your own scent by adding a drop of desired essential oil (sweet orange, lemon, etc).

Needle Felting Kits: Wool Buddy was started from an artist's desire to handcraft stuffed animals for his daughter. With his combined love of needle felting and the drive to create a magical and imaginative world for his girl, the wool buddies (owl, sheep, penguin and bunny) were realized. Each kit comes with 2 felting needles, different colors of wool and step by step instructions.

Building Kits: For "hands-on" learning, there 2 DIY kits for builders, the Sailboat Building Kit and a Wind Car Building Kit and also a Slingshot Kit. The makers of these kits (a family owned and operated business) are teachers, artists and students who "hope to enliven the development of children's imaginations, to dream big and to trust in themselves."

Leather Crafting Kit: Introduce the hobby of leather crafting, complete with stamping tools and leather finishes to practice on a wristband, a backpack tag, key fob and more.

Creativity Kits: Designed by two artists and assembled by people with special needs, these creativity kits are made with natural and recycled materials. Choose from a number of kits for various interests: Bookmaking, Wire + Bead, Collage Jewelry, Art Dolls, Needle Felting and a Creativity Kit. 

What DIY activities do you like doing with your kids?

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