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Eco Finger Paint – Messy But Fun

10.07.09 Eco Finger Paint – Messy But Fun

Since I’m judging an eco toy contest, my office is filled with boxes of wonderful toys – open ended, wood, creative and eco. Many of them you can buy here on MightyNest. It’s hard for me to choose my favorites, but one I pulled out today is an eco take on a perennial favorite- finger paint.

When I worked in my son’s preschool classroom, I had the chance to watch children at play with squishy, gooey paint. It’s always fascinating. Some kids shy away from it, not daring to get messy, while others gladly dive in.

The texture oriented ones approach it, not so much like an artist as like a scientist. If you remember the scene in Ghost where Demi Moore almost sensually molds a clay pot, you get the idea. They are one with the material.

In this day and age, though, we wonder about everything that our children touch, so it’s about time for eco finger paint. All natural finger paint seems like a product whose time has not come so much as it’s long overdue.

No, we parents don’t often like to have our kids make a mess, but it’s good for them. Finger painting helps to promote fine motor skills development and sensory awareness. It’s a staple of most every preschool and day care center.

So, grit your teeth and spread out some newspapers, a tarp or an old sheet and let them give it a go! Spend some time watching them as they play. You’ll be fascinated too!

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