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Eight Essential Cleaning Products for a Spring Cleaning Detox

03.07.14 Eight Essential Cleaning Products for a Spring Cleaning Detox

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Sometimes it's all about getting back to the basics. When it comes to cleaning your house, less is definitely more... not less cleaning, but cleaning with less harmful ingredients. Or better yet, zero harmful ingredients. For many, "deep clean" means that strong chemical smell... you know, the one you're certain has killed off any existing germs. But it's possible to get a great clean without those chemicals and without messing with the air quality inside your home. 

 The term "green cleaning" is certainly becoming much more common these days as we recognize the harm of using these toxic chemicals -- for both our own health and for the health of our environment. Unfortunately many labels claiming to be "green" still come with a warning or caution statement and still have some of the same harsh chemicals found in conventional cleaners. Simply put, parents work hard to create a safe and healthy home environment for their kids, so why muck it up with chemical cleaners?

Here's a carefully selected set of products that make it easy to get going on a back-to-basics green clean. The companies whose products we have selected are proud to list their ingredients. This transparency speaks volumes because manufacturers of conventional cleaning supplies are not required by law to list ingredients. So if your kids help out with cleaning chores (hopefully they do!) you can rest assured they aren't breathing in (or absorbing through their little hands) any toxins with these cleaning supplies. And you'll still get that clean smell but without the harsh chemicals. 

If you're ready to get started using natural, plant-derived cleaners for an effective clean and healthy home...you're in luck! Mightynest is introducing 2 new cleaning kits to simplify this chore we all simply gotta do. Assembled in 2 sizes: a power kit and a starter kit.

(Of course, making your own (DIY) homemade cleaners is a fine idea, but the reality is that some folks just don't have the time or interest in doing so. If you are interested in trying your hand with some homemade cleaning solutions, we recommend perusing our Natural and Non-Toxic Cleaning board on Pinterest which is full of recipes and tips. Another reommendation is the Come Clean Natural Cleaning Set which comes with a recipe book and bottles to help you get started down the DIY path.)

Green Cleaning Power Kit: Stocked with 6 natural cleaning products and 2 durable cleaning tools, this kit has everything you need to effectively and safely clean your home. All of the cleaners are made with plant-based ingredients and are free of toxic chemicals. They are biodegradable and safe for people and pets, waterways and marine life and of course, our planet. The following are included in this kit:


Surface Spray --> What-EVER all-purpose surface cleaner is just that. Use it on whatever surface (washable, non-porous) needs cleaning because it's safe, requires no rinsing and doesn't leave a residue. Scented with clary sage and citrus essential oils.

Floor Cleaner -->Simply Floored contains no VOC's, petrochemicals, ammonia, SLS, ethoxylates or synthetic colors/fragrances. It is scented using the natural essential oils of citrus and mint and is safe on various types of flooring including wood, tile and marble.

Glass Cleaner --> I Can See Clearly Wow glass cleaner is solvent-free (no ammonia, alcohol, ethers) and can still provide a clean surface without residue or streaks. 

Toilet Bowl Cleaner --> Eco-Me toilet bowl cleaner does the trick while leaving a pleasant herbal mint scent. (lavender, thyme, marjoram and clary sage + peppermint essential oil). Safe for all septic systems.

Wood Polish --> Eco-Me wood polish is ideal for all wood sealed without a sticky residue or chemical build-up.

Tub Scrub --> This tub, tile +basin cleaner  gives the extra gift of aromatherapy -- both lemongrass/eucalyptus and the peppermint/tea tree blends actually uplift your mood while buffing your bathroom.

Grunge Buster Scrub Brush --> The Scrub Brush is made for quick and effective cleaning. The easy grip bamboo handle is designed for a serious scrub. 

Organic Cotton Cleaning Cloths --> This set of 3 Tidy Dish cloths are our favorite multi-purpose cloth. Absorbent and durable, you can expect a lot of use out of these cloths.

Green Cleaning Starter Kit: A terrific starter kit to introduce the simplicity and effectiveness of carefully selected green cleaning products. Included in this kit: all-purpose surface cleaner, glass cleaner, floor cleaner and a tub scrub.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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