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Facepaint for Kids Without the Scary Metals

10.12.11 Facepaint for Kids Without the Scary Metals

lead-free face paint

Has your kid zeroed in on a Halloween costume idea yet? Last year I spent so much time making my daughter's raccoon costume that when Halloween night finally arrived, I wasn't prepared to give her good, dark raccoon eyes without using toxic make-up that eventually smeared right into her eyes. Whether you are painting zebra stripes or a strong man's mustache onto your kid's sweet face, you know that the easier to apply and the safer the material, the better the night!

Lyra face pencils are a fantastic and safe solution to your make-up artist needs! These face pencils are safe for the skin and body and most importantly, free of lead and other heavy metals and parabens. Read for more information about heavy metals including lead in facepaint.  

For best results, start off with freshly cleaned skin. When applying color, begin with light colors and move to darker shades afterwards. To remove, simply wash face with a mild soap and rinse with water. It is amazingly easy to clean your kid's face without having to scrub them!

Luckily, these lead-free face pencils are encased in wood so the colors stay off your hands as you do your magic. They also wash out of most textiles in the event that your newly painted lion-faced kid takes an over excited dive onto the couch. The pencil point is comfortable and fluid to draw with, making it easy to get detailed fine outlines. In the event that you need to sharpen, we recommend sharpeners that have a larger opening for beeswax crayons.

We have 2 different sets here at MightyNest. The basic set colors include: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White and Black. We also have the plus set in colors: Pink, Orange, Brown, Purple, Gold, and Silver. After Halloween is over, they're great for birthday parties and fun play dates!

This product is not tested on animals and is dermatologically tested and certified nontoxic by the Art and Craft Materials Institute (ACMI).

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