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Geographer Approved: Eco-Usable Water Bottle

03.02.11 Geographer Approved: Eco-Usable Water Bottle

ECOusable post

We're trying something new here at MightyNest and are really excited to see the results. We'd like to see how the products we sell are used out in the world and also have a chance to hear feedback. This EcoUsable water bottle received a 5-star review from geographer, Richard Menicke. The Eco-Usable water bottle is a high quality #304 food-grade stainless steel water bottle with a built-in filter! It's also non-leaching, BPA-free, reusable, lightweight and recyclable! The exclusive filtered top on the EcoUsable water bottle removes up to 99.99% of pollutants for up to 100 gallons of great tasting filtered water. All parts are made of FDA approved materials and are environmentally safe.

This fabulous System filters the following contaminates: toxic chemicals, detergents, pesticides and other harmful industrial and agricultural wastes. Dissolved Solids: heavy metals such as aluminum, asbestos, copper, lead, mercury and others. Also filters unpleasant taste, odor, clarity, chlorine, sand, sediment and Radon 222.

Meet Richard Menicke, a geographer and GPS map-maker for Glacier National Park in Glacier, Montana. Richard has lived in Montana for nearly 20 years and has traveled the earth with his backpack, detailed maps and trusty water bottles. Richard just turned 50 a few weeks ago and is the proud new owner of a EcoUsable water bottle from MightyNest.

How do you like your EcoUsable stainless steel filtered water bottle? Where/when/how do you intend to use it?  I love it, and plan to use it when hiking or trail running in Montana and in the next country I visit as a source of clean drinking water.  As a long distance runner, it's very important for me to have access to filtered water as well as a lightweight bottle. I would highly recommend this particular water bottle to friends with similar interests and pursuits.

Marveling at his fabulous lifestyle I asked him a few more questions to share with MightyNest readers:

You've been a product tester for Patagonia, what do you look for in a product? Quality, durability and safety.  I still have Patagonia capilene that I tested in the 80s when it just came out. It works well, and stands the test of time and use.  I have also sent stuff back to them and recieved no-cost replacement when zippers broke etc.

What are your essentials when out in the wilderness/mountains of Montana?  A good layering system, excellent rain gear, appropriate shoes (boots), warm hat and gloves. Oh, and a large day pack to carry all this stuff.  It's way better to have stuff and not need it versus need it and not have it.  Food and water are absolutes as well, enough to carry you through unplanned extensions to your adventure. 

Traveled out of the US? Where to? Did you bring your own gear?  Yes, to Latin America (Mexico, Guatamala, Ecuador) and recently the Republic of Georgia for work.  And I absolutely carried my own gear.  I plan on not being able to get what I need overseas as far as the "essentials" to my needs for comfort. 

Favorite places in Glacier you'd recommend for out-of-town visitors? Logan Pass is hard to beat, but take the free shuttle system there and be patient.  The North Fork is remote and stunning in more subtle ways, lots of cool examples of fire shaping the land, where all the original predators (bears, wolves, lions) still roam.  Two Medicine and Many Glacier are other stunning east-slope-of-the-Rockies places to visit in the park.

Where have you been where you've needed or wanted to filter water on the go?

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