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Glass Water Bottle, How I love Thee

04.21.10 Glass Water Bottle, How I love Thee

glass water bottle

We just started carring glass water bottles by Lifefactory, and I bought one.  I admit, I was hesitant at first because 22 ounces seemed like a lot to be carrying around but I decided to buy one and give it a try.  The result - I’m in love.  Let me count the ways (or really the whys)…

1 - I LOVE drinking from glass.  I genuinely feel like the water tastes better (than say drinking from stainless steel).    

2 – It has a big mouth.  Not only does this mean that I can put ice in my bottle to feed my addiction for really, really, really cold water, but it also makes it easier to drink from than sports caps or other bottles which means that I end up drinking more water than before.  It’s a win-win.

3 – Its convenient.  I recently returned from a crazy 2.5 weeks of traveling via planes, trains and automobiles to attend weddings and family vacations.  My glass water bottle came with me almost everywhere – poolside, beachside, on the Amtrak, in the car, and through no less than 5 airports.  The handle on the cap makes the bottle easy to carry, even while juggling bags, boarding passes, shoes, liquids, laptops, etc. through airport security.

4 – It looks cool.  Just as important as staying hydrated is looking cool while you’re doing it.  Ok, maybe not but it doesn’t hurt!  And yes, I realize I'm a total nerd but I think its cool that my water bottle matches the glass baby bottles I plan on registering for...whenever I actually get around to doing that.     

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