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Have Your Cake and Eat it Too: Meet Cakebox!

11.19.13 Have Your Cake and Eat it Too: Meet Cakebox!


Last year, around this time, we fell in love with the handcrafted, Chicago-made Piebox. We even paired it with a trusty glass pie pan and a handmade Maple pie server for our own Piebox serving set. We still love the Piebox and have shared much love for this wonderful reusable and smart object.

So, it makes sense that it's offspring would involve protecting and transporting another necessary baked good; CAKE! But the makers at Piebox, sisters Adrienne and Carol, and Steve (soon-to-be husband to Adrienne), upped the ante and designed this next creation to handle two different styles of cake.

Like the Piebox, Cakebox is also made from raw pine and includes 2 sliding cupcake inserts able to accomodate 2 rows of cupcakes, equaling 18 cupcakes or one 9" round layer cake. Whether you are driving, biking, taking the subway, or even just walking, your cake(s) will be kept safely intact.

And for carrying your boxes? While it's entirely possible to carry in hand, there are handy leather straps that fit snugly around both the cakebox and the piebox for easy and stylish carrying. 

The leather straps are made in Colorado and are sourced entirely from independent tanneries. The straps come in two sizes: one fits a single piebox and the other fits either the cakebox or 2 pieboxes stacked.

And Piebox. As the holidays approach and we tend to think of pie as a dessert to bring to the various get-togethers that come along with this social season - why not skip the disposable and flimsy cardboard pieboxes and opt to deliver in style? As we've talked about in the past, we love the idea of using the inside of the lid to take note of the piebox's trail. Maybe start a tradition in your circle of friends or family by documenting the pies that have traveled safely inside and what occasion is being celebrated! 

Where would you like to arrive with a piebox in hand?

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