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Healthy Easter Baskets: Fun Goodies for Kids

04.14.11 Healthy Easter Baskets: Fun Goodies for Kids

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Looking for a few affordable Easter basket treats to add to the chocolate bunny? We have some fun and safe alternatives to the mounds of jelly beans, swedish fish and marshmallow "peeps". There's been quite a bit of buzz (read here) about food dyes and the potential links to ADHD, among other health issues in the media recently, so it sure seems like a good idea to minimize the rainbow of colors typically found in Easter basket candy. Why not replace with some healthy and mind stimulating options? Your kids will have so much fun playing with these treats, they'll have forgotten about the missing candy....hopefully! Here are some of our suggestions to spruce up a Easter basket:

Soy crayon rocks: No, these aren't jelly beans! They're 16 colors tinted with natural minerals and made with beeswax and soy. Packed in a muslin pouch. Perfect for little hands and on-the-go activities!

Mini Wooden Rainbow Blocks: Made with water based dyes and natural wood, these stacking blocks are durable and fun to combine with other blocks.

Cotton Spring Dolls: Small handmade dolls (5 inches tall) and perfect for doll houses, doll beds and taking along for various excursions.

Wooden Mini Monster Pick-up Truck: Made from unfinished, responsibly harvested maple, this nearly 4 inch truck zooms smoothly over all surfaces. Perfect to tuck into a basket.

Organic Cotton Carrot Toy: Have a little one who is starting to cut some teeth? This carrot is a great source of comfort to chew on for any little bunny.

Wooden Magic Wand: Perfect for any princess, magician or wizard in your life looking to practice some magic. This naturally finished wand is 12" long and made in Vermont.

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