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Heirloom Wooden Blocks

03.10.11 Heirloom Wooden Blocks

5th generation blocks

Here at MightyNest, we were all reminiscing about toys that have been passed down to us and what we imagine we'd pass on to our grandchildren. One of our team members, Andi spoke nostalgically about a set of wood blocks that have been passed down for 5 generations! The blocks have lived with Andi's grandmother for the last 80 years in Ohio. They were given to her as a child in the 1920's. Wow! Now, her grandmother happily watches her own great granddaughter, Isabel build with them.  

This is one of the things we think about at MightyNest when we add to our selection. We like the idea of investing in quality, both from a healthy and long lasting stand point. There weren't tests for chemicals done in the 1920's like there are today. One thing is certain with the toys we stock here: they're safe from harmful chemicals, and have the heirloom quality we hope to pass down from our generation.

Do your children have toys that are family heirlooms?

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