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How to Keep Straw Bottles Clean!

09.10.13 How to Keep Straw Bottles Clean!

straw bottle cleaning

If your child has a preference for sipping through a straw, then you've probably already made the shift towards a straw bottle for hydrating on the go (or at school). Many straw bottles are incredibly convenient and easy for kids to use, especially younger kids who may not have the patience (or fine motor skills) for unscrewing and screwing back on a lid every time they need a drink. 

With straw-top caps, the options for opening are either simply lifting up the straw (as you would do with the new Lifefactory straw bottles and the Eco Vessel straw bottles) or with a simple push button to pop open the lid (Thermos Funtainer and Foogo style straw bottles). 

But for all of the benefits of using a straw bottle, some parents avoid this style simply because of the cleaning factor. That's where the right tools come in serious handy. It's really rather simple. In fact, a Mightynest customer just came by the warehouse now saying, "I'm in need of a sippy straw cleaner!"

Here's a tip: invest in a straw cleaner. And the right bottle brush

The Sippy Straw Cleaner is the right tool for the job when it comes to giving straws a thorough clean.  The long, thin design allows you to scrub the inside of the straw from top to bottom, removing any residual gunk, especially if you fill the bottle with anything other than plain ol water! And when your straw cleaner itself gets scuzzy, a run through the dishwasher will get this stainless steel straw cleaner good as new.  

While many straw bottles are TOP-RACK dishwasher safe, handwashing is recommended for best results.  For cleaning the bottles themselves, the reach bottle brush works like a charm.

Place the longer side inside the bottle to clean those hard to reach places while the shorter end will simultaneously scrub clean the outside of the bottle. Multitasking at its finest!

Now that you've got the right tools for cleaning straw bottles, we recommend using plant derived dish detergents and that are free of harmful chemicals and dyes and safe for our waterways.

Here are some of our safe dish detergent options:

Check out our entire selection of dish brushes, sponges and more in our Green Cleaning - Kitchen & Bath section.

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