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How to Uncupcake the Cupcake

06.14.13 How to Uncupcake the Cupcake

Chocolate Avocado Cupcake

Summertime means lots of picnics and potluck barbeques – and who doesn’t want to bring the treat everyone’s talking about?

Enter the Uncupcake! Tell the kids and adults alike to get excited – fruit now comes in the form of a chocolate cupcake!

With healthy fats from avocado and coconut oil and no refined sugar, this cupcake offers a better alternative without sacrificing taste. Thanks to our partner Healthy Jasmine, expert food blogger and mom of 2, you now have the creative recipe for a treat you can feel good about serving and the other party guests will rave about. (Bonus: its gluten free and vegan!)

Check out the recipe here! (I had one and YUM!)

Suddenly getting invites to a lot of barbeques? Thank you, delicious Uncupcake!
(Be sure to check out Healthy Jasmine’s other recipes too – my favorite is the Cherry Sparkler Colada!)

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