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Infused Coffee Brewing (and a GIVEAWAY)

02.25.13 Infused Coffee Brewing (and a GIVEAWAY)

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I grew up with the sound of a percolator bubbling and hissing in the morning. I think my mom inherited her percolator from her mother. As the years went by, so did the methods of brewing coffee in that lovely house. Electric coffeemakers, Espresso stove top makers, a French press, Filter drips and even a fancy cappuccino maker paraded through the decades of coffee making. 

Personally, I've been partial to the Chemex coffeemaker for the last 20 years. I strayed for a bit with a French Press but couldn't really commit to that practice of brewing when I always ended up forgetting to plunge and my coffee tasted muddy. The form of the Chemex (to look at), the process of making coffee and the outcome of the brew is highly satifying for me. But I like the alternative method of infusing coffee too and the ceramic body of the coffeemaker helps to retain heat.

So what makes the INFUSION coffee maker so unique?

Well, you can make coffee like you would brew tea. Infused coffee is the process of extracting flavors from coffee grounds, similar to steeping tea leaves. And just like the "pour-over" masters, you can perfect your brew by tweaking the steep time thus allowing you complete control. No filters. No residue build-up. 

The traditional method of "pressing" (with a plunger) has the potential to result in over steeping the grounds. Instead, with infused coffee, the stainless steel basket is lifted out by the handle at the optimal time. By controlling the brewing time, you can avoid heavy and bitter taste and enjoy a more mellow cup. 

The infusion coffee method is a simple process illustrated below. For flavored coffee, try adding cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks or vanilla beans to the infuser.





















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