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Kid Toys Unplugged

11.27.12 Kid Toys Unplugged


Year after year, as kids, my sister and I received the same Christmas present. Well, it was more like a variation on a theme; a simple, updated version of a paint-by-numbers print, but minus the numbers. Instead, there were hundreds of lined sections within the drawing, left to be planned out and colored in with a fresh batch of fine-tipped markers.

What I think I loved MOST of all is that my sister and I would spend the whole day meticulously coloring our new masterpieces (usually of the tropical floral variety). And it felt like a tradition to spend time actively doing something while all of the adults from our extended family tended to cooking and socializing.

We certainly received toys that needed power or batteries too...Simon, Easy-Bake oven, Atari pong! But my strongest memory was the wonder and surprise of that print. There was something in it to discover and something to complete.

We value the toy that engages a child, especially those other than the standard electronic gadget. Not to say that electronic toys don't have their place, they just need to be balanced with toys that are tactile, sensory and mechanical and require activation of imagination.

Crafting: Skills like woodworking, sewing and knitting feel like a thing of the past for most kids. Our crafting kits help kids learn to use their hands and discover ways to assemble and create projects on their own.

* Tool Box Set (6 pc.): fully functioning child's tool set

* Sewing + Knitting Kit: complete beginner set

* Needle Felting Kit: starter kit for needle felting










Art Supplies: Enjoy making art with your kids without the unnecessary chemicals that are so commonly added to conventional art supplies. Our natural art supplies are made with non-toxic ingredients like beeswax and plant extracts.

* Wooden Paint Tray: comes with 6 glass jars to hold paint

* Natural Paint Set: mix small batches of vegetable pigmented paint. Powder form.

* Bamboo Paint Brushes: set of 6 bamboo brushes along with a storage tube.

Building Blocks/Games: made from natural wood and water based paints, our selection of building blocks appeals to kids of all ages.

* Citiblocs: lightweight and colorful

* Cubebot: wooden robot meets rubik's cube

* Color Connect Game: colorful wooden cubes to arrange


Instruments: For your family jam sessions, these wooden instruments are fun for kids to express themselves musically. All of instruments are made of wood and free from any harmful chemicals.

* Wooden Stir Xylophone: handmade wooden stir drum

* Tambourine: handcrafted with a smooth handle

* Big Drum: drumheads on both sides 

* Solid Wood Drum: low sounding drum with wooden mallet

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