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Kitchenware Giveaway Winner Interview & Photos!

06.16.11 Kitchenware Giveaway Winner Interview & Photos!

Christy Stephens was the lucky winner of our recent $250 kitchenware giveaway. She's had a few weeks to enjoy the great selection of non-toxic kitchenware products we sent her and has sent us word and some photos of the goods in use! We also had the opportunity to ask Christy some additional questions as we love getting to know our MightyNest community!

1. How did you find MightyNest?

I have been following your site off and on from the beginning. I found your site while looking for what kind of water bottle was safe and BPA free to use. Recently, I had been searching for lunch containers to replace my kid's plastic ones. I feel at ease knowing that you all have done the research and I can trust what you are selling to be safe for my family.

2. What was your first change towards a healthy home? What are you most proud of?

Getting rid of our microwave!!! Friends and family are completely amazed when they go to re-heat something and notice we don't have one but honestly we don't even miss it! The first day it was gone, my husband wanted to re-heat his coffee and I told him to just get a pan out and re-heat it!!!! Just so many health hazards from it that I feel it's the best thing we could have done! 100% off the nutritional value of the food is LOST anyways when you re-heat it in a micro! That major decision has lead to getting rid of our plastics because we obviously couldn't reheat them in the oven. I've been switching everything to glass because of the chemicals leaching into the food, even just for storage. It is SO expensive but I guess what is that cost compared to dealing with cancer and other health issues in the long run? I've also now (with the help of winning your contest) gotten rid of all of our nonstick cookware. The non-stick muffin tin I had went to melting crayons for craft projects! When the Teflon starts to peel and chip into your food it REALLY gets you worried about what in the world you are eating besides the food! I'm so proud of all the steps that we've taken and it is just continuing to spark more changes. I think these changes all make even more sense when you have young children!

3. What do you anticipate using the most from your MightyNest kitchen giveaway products?

Can I pick two....=) I must say the Xtrema 10" Ceramic skillet is what I anticipate using the most! It is something that we probably wouldn't have bought on our own, yet and it has proven to just be so useful and easy to use...LOVE IT! The muffin tin is also something that I've been looking to get for a while but every one that I see is nonstick! LOVE that it is stainless steel! Our family LOVES the Blueberry Gluten-free muffins I make so now I don’t need to worry about other chemicals leaching into my good muffins!

4. What is your favorite product from the giveaway?

The skillet! Super cool and I'm amazed at how versatile it is! It cleans up so much easier then my stainless skillet.

5. Have kids? Ages?

We have 3 kids...Ashley (10), Andrew (8), Austin (4 - on Wednesday!)

Happy Birthday Austin!

6. What has been your hardest obstacle/change?

Just trying to keep up financially with changing everything out to be healthier for our family. It is all so darn expensive but worth it.

7. What does your family do for fun, in your spare time?

I'm a stay at home mom...I keep busy with the kids during the week and try to find time to do my own graphic design, painting, drawing, crafts, sewing, painting & photography. I think it has rubbed off quite a bit on the kids because I see them picking up a love of art. On weekends we LOVE going on hikes, going to the coast, hanging out with friends, or just having family "game night" with a bowl of popcorn. We all enjoy gardening (the kids especially) enjoy planting and picking the veggies. During the summer we all go blueberry picking, peaches, strawberries, apples, pears (I have big helpers to make jam which I can for the winter)! I love seeing the smiles when the kids eat the pear butter on homemade bread!!! We also try to help others that are less fortunate...we just finished our blankets for Craft Hope which felt so good to make and send off for hurricane survivors.

8. Anything else you'd like to add.......

THANKS SO MUCH for everything! It was truly a blessing to have won all of the nice products! After being married for 14 years I've found that our once "new" wedding presents are really needing to be replaced. Winning this wonderful bundle was such a great help!

Thank you, Christy!

*photos courtesy of Christy Stephens

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