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Midwinter Blues Lifters from MightyNest

02.15.11 Midwinter Blues Lifters from MightyNest

It's midwinter here in Vermont.  We have several feet of snow on the ground now and it lasts well into April.  So, right around February, I need a little TLC.  Because I don't see that spring will actually come, ever, under these slate gray, cold, drizzling skies.   Are you suffering from the winter blues or cabin fever?  Here are a few items from MightyNest that might lift your spirits, or a friend's.  And while you are indulging just a little bit, you can feel good about being green and safe at the same time.  

*Commuter Coffee Set: No more cheap-o, leaky, plastic coffee travel mugs for you.  Grab this spiffy stainless steel mug, full it with java, and take your muffin, bagel or pastry to go with no throw away bag or wrapping.  Who couldn't use a little morning simplification?

*Try some Badger Balm to soothe you to sleep, or soothe your sore muscles.  Nights are long, and the mind can be busy.  Also, many backs are sore from all that shoveling.  These can help.  

*Light a candle on a long cold night-- knowing its safe and can boost your spirits.  Try Tru Melange Natural Aromatherapy candles, available in Enchant (purple design) with pure essential oils of french & bulgarian lavender; Joy (orange design) with pure essential oils of spearmint & eucalyptus and Inspire (blue/green design) with pure essential oils of cassia & vanilla.  This could be an attitude changer!  Even better, the candles are: 

  • Re-usable as drinking/cocktail glasses! (10 oz)
  • chemical free
  • all-cotton wicks (lead free)
  • Eco-Friendly Wooden Lids become coasters!
  • Eco-friendly natural wax blend
  • Eco-friendly 100% essential oil blends
  • Dish washer safe. (preferably hand wash)
  • Hand made in the USA

Maybe one of these little treats will help you in the dark, long, cold nights of February.  How do you fight cabin fever and the winter blues?  

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