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MightyNest, How One Question Changed Everything

10.18.11 MightyNest, How One Question Changed Everything

Hi Friends,

MightyNest is more than a business. It is a mission for us to make it simple to find information and products that make it easy to create a healthy home. I'd like to share a personal story about where this started for us. I think it helps underline why we care so much about our mission.

So where did this start for us? This story is about 2 women and a little girl.

5 years ago I lost my mother unexpectedly. She was an inspiring woman. An amazing single mother, caring nurse, loving daughter, sister and friend. She led with her heart and her passion instilled in me a deep desire to do things that mattered. When we lost her I knew that I needed to have a bigger impact and that my work needed to be important and something that I loved. So I started looking. I didn't know it at the time, but I would find that very mission right in my own home.

Kristen (my wife and MightyNest co-founder) and I are blessed to have a beautiful daughter who is now 6. Whoever said having children, "is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body" captured how I feel everyday perfectly. Since the day we learned our wonderful little girl was on her way, Kristen and I knew we would do anything we could to keep her healthy and safe. While Kristen was pregnant with our daughter, she read an article about avoiding antiperspirant while pregnant. Antiperspirant contains aluminum which could potentially be dangerous to the baby. She did, and she wondered why she should ever wear it again. If it was potentially dangerous to our baby, wasn't it potentially dangerous for her too? What else is out there that should be avoided?

That simple question started a journey for us that we are still on. Along the way we learned facts such as:

  • There are 90,000 synthetic chemicals in the world. Less than 20% are tested for toxicity. Many of these chemicals are in everyday products including kitchenware, skincare, baby products & more.
  • Children today are born with over 200 synthetic chemicals in their blood
  • More than 10,000 industrial chemicals are used in skin care products like sunscreen, soap and lotions, and nearly 90% of these chemicals have not been tested for safety by the FDA

We also learned that this is a growing problem. From 1920 to 2000, the U.S production of synthetic chemicals increased from less than one million pounds a year to more than 140 billion pounds a year. Many of these chemicals end up in products in our home and can leach out with repeated use.

The more we learned, the more Kristen and I came to believe that this cumulative exposure is a real risk to the long-term health of our family.

So, we started making changes. Out with the non-stick, the plastic and the aluminum.  No more parabens, PVC, phthalates, etc. As we became more aware, and as funds and time allowed, we changed our home bit by bit. It wasn't easy but nothing was more important to us than providing a healthy, loving home for our growing family. Learning about the concerning chemicals was a journey in frustration.  Every time we dug in on a different chemical, like BPA, we'd lift our heads after hours of research, often more confused then when we started.

We were (and are) concerned about the body burden caused by the cumulative effect of exposure to synthetic chemicals over the course of a lifetime. We are particularly concerned for our kids. It became our mission to lower this exposure. Given that it's unknown how much is too much, we felt like every change could make a difference. Fortunately, after a significant amount of digging we began finding products that were safe. We're not scientists or doctors, we're parents. Our solution wasn't to find out which synthetic materials are better than another. Instead, we decided to focus on natural materials that have been safe for years - glass, 304 grade stainless steel, organic cotton and wood became our go-to materials. We didn't have the money to change our home overnight, but with one purchase at a time we mades these changes and every time it felt great.

Creating a healthy home should be easier. What we realized along the way is that it was not. What started as a personal mission became MightyNest. We wanted it to be easier for anyone to create a healthy home. Now it is.

Sparked by my mom, inspired by Kristen and driven by our daughter (and now our son) MightyNest was born. We love what we do.

Thank you for joining us on this journey,

Chris (and Kristen and the MightyNest team)!

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