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MightyNest Trusted: Products are Handpicked for Quality and Durability

11.10.11 MightyNest Trusted: Products are Handpicked for Quality and Durability

Over the last 3 weeks we've introduced you to the MightyNest Trusted Seal and to the first two steps of our rigorous 4 step process to earn our seal.   Steps 1 & 2 ensure a product is made from only safe materials, by a manufacturer that we trust.  Next up, Step 3:  

Step Three: Products are Handpicked for Quality and Durablity

Money should go a long way.  Time is precious and scarce. Products in your home should be highly functional and look great. These concepts are at the core of step 3 in our product selection process. Our goal is to offer a selection of highly curated products - only the best of the best. This step of the process entails a lot of deliberation because we make a concerted effort to consider the overall value of each product.  Values that drive this step in our selection are:

Money should go a long way.  The reality of healthy, safe and non-toxic products is that they are often more expensive than their conventional counterparts.  With that additional investment, products should then last a long time.  We selected all of the products at MightyNest with that in mind. We focus on materials like 304 grade stainless steel, wood, high quality silicone and glass which will outlast their plastic, pressed wood or lower quality counterparts, any day, any time.  And, they perform better. And, they contribute to a healthier lifestyle. 

By offering the best of the best products we can save you time. If you're anything like us and the people we know, your free time is limited.  Between work, family, kids (if you've started a family) and friends, every minute of time is precious.  Time spent scouring aisle upon aisle at stores or pages and pages of products online trying to figure out what product is best is time better spent with someone you love.  We are committed to giving you that time back.  Not only is every product we sell selected to be non-toxic and safe, but it is also selected to be the best of the best.  At MightyNest.com, you can quickly choose from a handpicked selection of only high quality products.

Products must be highly functional.  If a product is for a child they must be able to open it and it can't have sharp edges.  If it is intended to be dishwasher safe it shouldn't have to be dismantled to dishwash it.  If it is intended to be leakproof it shouldn't leak. Every product we sell is carefully screened to ensure it can do what it promises to do and that it's easy to use.

Products in your home should look great!: One of the many benefits of the high quality materials and products we look for at MightyNest is that they look great in your home.  Plastic toys don't need to be hidden away when guests come over because they are replaced with handmade wood or organic cotton.  Plastic tupperware doesn't need to fill your refrigerator, instead high quality glass and stainless steel make leftovers look enticing!

Reusing SAFE products is important!: Buying long lasting, durable and re-usable products made from safe materials is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your kids and your loved ones.  While it is often easier to buy disposable products, they're typically made cheaply with questionable ingredients, the manufacturing processes significantly contribute to waste and concerning chemicals are often used in the manufacturing process that end up in our air and water. By using products made for the short term that are often marketed as single use or "disposable", we are not doing our health, bank accounts or planet any good in the long run. 

Adding it all up the products we offer at MightyNest are handpicked to be long lasting, highly functional and something you can be proud to own.  

Products that DO pass this first step towards gaining the MightyNest Trusted seal, then proceed to step four: Is the product one we'd use in our own homes and give to our own kids?

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