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Natural Deodorant: How to Avoid the Stink

02.04.11 Natural Deodorant: How to Avoid the Stink

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I don't want to stink. I also don't want to put chemicals onto my armpit with an express route into my blood stream.

The list of avoidable chemicals, found in most conventional antiperspirants and deodorants is as follows:

Parabens: Can mimic other hormones and disrupt the hormone system. Worse in leave-on products like deodorant.

Aluminum compounds: These compounds form a coating on the surface of skin, blocking the sweat glands and keeping you dry. The main purpose of perspiration is to release the toxins in the body and to regulate  body temperature! By blocking the sweat glands the aluminum compounds inhibit the release of harmful toxins from the body. These unleashed toxins then go back inside the body and are distributed throughout the body by the lymphatic system. The accumulation of these toxins can lead to various ailments.

Antibacterials: Triclosan can act as an endocrine disrupter as it amplifies the natural effects of hormones and exacerbates the effects of testosterone. Triclocarbon may play a role in reproductive and developmental disorders.

PEG's: Acts as a humescent, preventing the escape of water. Propylene glycol is an alcohol associated with irritant and allergic/contact dermatitis.

So we know that conventional deodorants are not typically safe for our bodies but why is it so hard to find a trusty natural deodorant? One that actually works, is made with biodynamic ingredients and can maintain some semblance of freshness throughout the day. Here at MightyNest, we are beginning our search for the best safe, non-toxic deodorant possibilities to add to our natural skin care line.

We have some personal favorites here, but we're wondering... Have you had much luck with a particular non-toxic deodorant?  Do you make your own? If so, please share in the comments below.

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