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Natural Wooden Rainbow Toys

11.29.11 Natural Wooden Rainbow Toys

rainbow toys

Kids love rainbows. They're fun to draw, fun to see after a rainstorm and just one of the many systems of order that kids love to learn. My daughter used to correct me when I'd say purple was the last color of the rainbow. "Mom (drawn out as Mahhhm), it's violet!" I understand her love of rainbows....I proudly sported a rainbowed-out winter coat as a kid.

At MightyNest, we're also drawn to rainbows, especially in our natural toy selection. We certainly love a set of natural-finish wooden blocks but we also appreciate companies who make safe, water-based dyes and stains for gorgeously colored toys. In fact, most of the toys we carry at MightyNest use stains for color so there isn't the worry of chipped paint making its way into a baby's mouth.  These lead-free stains are also certified as non-toxic and conform to European standards of safety.

Our selection of wooden toys are also made of solid wood as opposed to pressed wood, found in most conventional wooden toys. The downside to pressed wood toys is the presence of formaldehyde and toxic adhesives. Formaldehyde was recently added to the US Health Department's List of Carcinogens and certainly doesn't make sense to be associated with toys!

And now, for some rainbow visual delight....click on any of the toys below for more information!


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