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Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

04.12.11 Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

eco eggs

If you're looking to safely dye Easter eggs in the next few weeks, you are in luck! Eco-Kids, the beloved makers of eco-dough, eco-paint and other fabulous eco art supplies has made a fabulous solution to the food dye dilemma with a natural Easter egg coloring kit. The kit includes three natural dyes (orange, blue and purple), a color chart for creating 6 colors and instructions for coloring eggs. Consistent with all of Eco-Kids products, the dyes are made using natural plant, fruit and vegetable extracts instead of petrochemical food dyes. The colors are also gorgeous, just like natural colors (think beet juice!) tend to be. And more, no more dizzying vinegar smells, food dye colors inadvertantly seeping through the eggshells and carefully keeping fingertips out of the colors. You can happily stain your fingers with vegetable pigment!

Not only that, but the kit also comes with cute cut-outs to create eco-egg creatures. The packaging that surrounds the egg carton has printed drawings that you can cut out and create little creatures like a frog, peacock, bunny, duck and bumblebee. Eco-paste works really well to adhere the cut-outs to the egg. There are additional downloads for decorating creature eggs and a fun "how-to" video found here.

Another fun idea to decorate your Easter eggs is using natural beeswax crayons, rocks or blocks to draw a wax resist before submerging the egg into a color. My daughter and I drew stripes, dots and free form marks on our eggs. We had so much fun seeing the results, we'll certainly be having another session of egg drawing and coloring before we hide them for an egg hunt!

What are your ideas for coloring/decorating Easter Eggs?

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