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03.10.11 News from the Blogosphere

Lots of news to report around the blogosphere this week, especially in the area of chemicals in our products (the dreaded BPA is back) and environmental (or lack there of) policy.  

The top on my list is from this blog, earlier in the week.  Chris from right here at MightyNest highlights a new study that shows most plastic leeches harmful hormone mimicking chemicals---even many BPA free labeled plastic water bottles and food containers.  Maybe this is why I had a sinking feeling in my stomach when I recently bought two small BPA free plastic water bottles for my girls (duped again!).  Repeat after me:  stainless steel.  Avoid plastics (all of them) if you can.  Buy stuff from stores you trust, like MightyNest.  Check out the whole post from Chris to learn more.  

 Alex from Enviroblog showcases the news that China is working to ban BPA, and how this is at odds with the other many other practices and problems within that country. You know, things like you can be jailed for voicing your opposition to the government, or the fact that working conditions in many factories are deplorable, or how many products from China contain serious environmental pollutants or  harmful ingredients.    

Why is banning BPA so hard for us?  Thankfully, she points out that this could force the issue here in the U.S., since so many products sold here originate in China.  Read the whole post here.  

The League of Conservation Voters this week released a  Continuing Resolution Special Edition National Environmental Scorecard which describes how devastating the House Republican budget cuts would be to the environment and to our health.  According to Huffington Post blogger and President of the League, Gene Karpinski, the bill:

"....includes several amendments offered to block the Environmental Protection Agency from protecting public health and holding polluters accountable. Other amendments would cut funding for renewable energy and energy efficiency, climate change research, lands conservation and restoration, and other important environmental programs."

You can read the post here, and the full scorecard from the League of Conservation Voters here.  Be prepared, its scary, even just the overview. And you can look at how your representatives voted on each amendment.  

That's the news I'm reading from here in Vermont.  We're buried under feet and feet of snow-- with more on the way tonight!  What have you been reading?  

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