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One of a Kind Gift: Pie Box Serving Set

11.07.12 One of a Kind Gift: Pie Box Serving Set

pie box set

We are in high season for pies. And high season for bearing gifts too. What's better than arriving at a party with a one-of-a kind gift? One that surely no one else has to offer and one that will create some serious wow factor! And further, a gift that specifically speaks to the quality of something handmade and something that can be re-used again and again (except for the pie). 

Luckily, pie is the "in" food to bring. Even NPR has dubbed pie, "the food of the year." 

And here it is: the one and only PIE SERVING SET.  The set includes a wooden pie box, a glass pie pan and a maple pie server.

First, the pie box itself. Handcrafted in Chicago, this finely made reusable pine box was born out of an idea between a pastry chef (Adrienne) and her rennaissance boyfriend (Steven), a professional photographer and the talent behind these amazing piebox images. Together, they solved Adrienne's immediate problem of transporting her pies safely around the city AND relinquished her from having to throw away countless cardboard boxes AND allowed her to avoid using tacky plastic tupperware! And frankly, her freshly baked pies are sporting the coolest looking box around. As Adrienne puts it, "Baking is an art - from preparation to presentation, and I believe this includes the transportation element too." 

Secondly, you'll need a quality pie pan for some quality pie baking. The classic shaped glass pie pan is made from tempered glass and the handles make for easy carrying. And no worries when it comes to cleaning - this glass pie pan is safe for the dishwasher and the freezer, microwave and of course, the oven too. The 9.5" size fits perfectly inside the reusable piebox. And most importantly, baking in glass means no chemicals leaching into your pie, faster baking at a lower temperature, heat rentention and a nicely browned crust, and a fully recyclable material!

And finally, an elegant pie server. Handcrafted from a single piece of sustainably harvested wood, this maple pie server  is the perfect tool for serving pie. Made to last for decades, just a simple coat of oil (coconut is best) will keep this pie server looking its best.

What is your all-time favorite pie to eat?

"We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie." -David Mamet

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