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Favorites for a Natural Bath

02.19.11 Favorites for a Natural Bath

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Taking a bath begins the night's rituals for my daughter. The time between bathing and a sleeping kid is full of activity. Some nights the routine is relaxed, some nights it's fast forwarding through the motions. Either way, I love spending this time together, winding down from the day. During this time, there's also a higher chance of hearing the goods of what happened at school and more importantly, a better opportunity for the juicy questions to come forward in my daughter's mind. The bath has a way of making time stand still and allowing for my favorite conversation.

The essentials:

Organic cotton washcloths- We use wash cloths a lot. Several times a day. From cleaning off our face in the morning, drying our hands throughout the day to bathtime at night. Organic cotton is especially important as it touches your skin this often.

Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash-it's all natural, smells lovely and made without any chemicals to worry about. No-tear shampoo is still key for a pleasant bath experience in our house. Although it's difficult to find a "no-tear" shampoo that is chemical free, we use this shampoo and a trusty washcloth over the eyes. It's also mild enough to use daily and doesn't dry out skin.

Organic cotton and bamboo towels- more absorbent, faster drying, resistent to mold and mildew, unbelievably soft and made of safe materials! This is the towel of choice when wrapping up my clean girl's skin.

Organic cotton long john pajamas- no flame retardant chemicals covering your kid's skin. Made with superbly soft organic cotton and so cute and warm.

The night always ends with a special treat for her: Badger's Sleep Balm. With just a dab rubbed on the temples, the dreamy lavender scent calms the mind beautifully. For stuffy nights, we use LuSa's organic natural chest rub for added warmth and some comforting relief. At this point I think it may be Pavlovian.

Do you have any special night time routines? Special bath regimens for your kids?

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