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Takeya Glass Water Bottles - The Perfect Combination of Form and Function

09.21.11 Takeya Glass Water Bottles - The Perfect Combination of Form and Function

Takeya Glass Water Bottles

Ever feel like you're toting around a water bottle that looks just like everyone else’s? Are you ready to put away your sports bottle and switch to something that’s modern and hip for everyday use outside of the gym? Perhaps it’s time to stand out from the crowd of bland water bottles that you see on subways, buses and sidewalks all across America. It’s certainly time to show people that eco-friendly can also be ultra-cool.

Takeya glass water bottles are the perfect combination of form and function. Because they're made of high quality tempered glass, your beverage remains free of any plastic or metallic taste. A silicone sleeve keeps the glass protected from everyday wear and tear and ensures a more comfortable and sturdier grip on the bottle. The sleek rectangular cut-out on the silicone sleeve adds flair while allowing you to see how much liquid is remaining.

Both the Classic Glass Water Bottles and the Modern Glass Water Bottles are slim, portable and leak proof. I'm always amazed at how easily they fit into my everyday bag and the weight is ideal too-- at 16 oz. capacity, it doesn't feel like I'm carrying around a rock. The Takeya bottles also sport a smaller mouth opening which is really convenient if you're prone to spilling water on yourself. We also love that the screw-top lid incorporates a sturdy finger loop, so carrying the Takeya water bottle is doable, even with your hands full! Of course, the best thing about the Takeya water bottle is that it is 100% free of BPA and other toxic chemicals.

Check out our entire selection of glass water bottles!  Which one is your favorite?

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