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The Pampering MightyPack

11.19.12 The Pampering MightyPack

Looking to give someone you care about a real treat? Wouldn't you love to imagine your sister or mom or best pal receiving a beautifully packaged gift of pure pampering bliss, month after month?

We thought so.

That's why we made the Pampering MightyPack. We were especially thinking of the many hardworking women who find great satisfaction in the simple pleasure of a candlelit bath, an at-home spa night and just a sweet amount of indulgence. We also know that making time for rest and relaxation is important to our health and essential to our well-being.

What's more, because the spirit of gift giving is upon us, we're running a special promotion just in time! Choose your gift from the following choices:

  • 3 month subscription for $75 ($90 value)
  • 6 month subscription for $145 ($180 value)

What can you expect in the Pampering Mightypack? The pack will contain products that we've deemed favorites based on safety, quality and just being the very best. And consistent with everything at MightyNest, we evaluate each and every ingredient to be sure these products are free of synthetic chemicals and toxins. The Pampering MightyPacks are made with the highest quality ingredients like organic beeswax, essential oils and shea butter.

Clean, safe and luxurious. Now that's relaxing. 

Take advantage of our special promotion: good toward all of our MightyPacks

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