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Under the Nile: Organic Cotton Pajamas

09.14.11 Under the Nile: Organic Cotton Pajamas

My daughter loves it when I've timed it just right and her pajamas come straight from the dryer and on to her, right out of a bath. I love it that she's putting Under the Nile organic cotton long johns on her freshly cleaned skin, trapping that warm bath feeling for what I imagine will be a quick path to slumber.

There are so many pajamas on the market that lure our kids with their favorite movie characters, book heroes, and cute sayings. What's not so cute are the chemicals that coat these conventional cotton pajamas. During the conversion of conventional cotton into clothing, a host of toxic chemicals are added at each stage including silicone waxes, harsh petroleum scours, softeners, heavy metals, flame and soil retardants, ammonia, and formaldehyde.

Furthermore, in the growing of conventional cotton: "According to the Sustainable Cotton Project, cotton farming uses about 25 percent of the world’s insecticides and more than 10 percent of the pesticides.  These pesticides used on cotton happen to be among the world’s worst: Five of the nine most commonly used have been identified as possible human carcinogens.  Others are known to damage the nervous system and are suspected of disrupting the body’s hormonal system," writes Alexandra Zissu from Planet Home.

Luckily, Under the Nile has made the alternative choice easy. Under the Nile's collection is made from 100% organic Egyptian cotton carrying the USDA Organic seal. The dyes used are all low impact, metal-free colors and do not contain any PVC. They do not use any bleach, chemical flame retardants or any harmful chemicals in accordance with the GOTS standard.

For newborn babies (0-6 months), the Organic Cotton Baby Bunting, Organic Cotton Gown and Organic Cotton Footie Pajamas are all practical, safe and luxurious for bedtime.

And for older kids when the footed pajamas are no longer fitting your long-legged kid, there are the amazingly soft and stylish long johns to choose from. Accomodating up to 6 year old bodies, these organic cotton long johns are a serious favorite. Another great bonus is the waistband--it's covered entirely in soft organic cotton, not that scratchy harsh waistband material you see on other pajamas! The same goes for the ankle and wrist bands.

Check out our whole selecion of comfy organic cotton pajamas.

Which pajamas are your kid's favorites?

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