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"What am I" Giveaway! I'm Bigger not Little.

10.27.11 "What am I" Giveaway! I'm Bigger not Little.

"What am I" Giveaway! Win me if you can find + link my product page - you’ve got 24 hours, and post to the blog!

What am I? I’m Bigger, not Little. I travel well. MightyNest loves me because I’m a great non-toxic, healthy, safe alternative to plastic. Kids love me because I’m easy to open and come in 4 fun colors. Parents love me because I’m the perfect solution for preserving baby food, storing and defrosting leftovers, stowing and warming lunches, serving up snacks and more!

What am I? Two people can win one of me in green.

Two people to copy and paste a link/URL of my product page ON THIS BLOG POST in the next 24 hours will win me (randomly selected!).  Be sure to leave an email address so we can contact if you've won!


The correct answer is Bigger Bites Storage Jars!

Thank you to all that entered! This giveaway has ended and our winners are: Shelly and Oma

Watch for more fun giveaways soon as we continue to celebrate the launch of the MightyNest Trusted seal.

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