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Whoa, a Glass Bundt Pan!

11.21.13 Whoa, a Glass Bundt Pan!

bundt cake

Growing up, we had our fair share of bundt cakes for family gatherings or special weekend brunches. But I can safely say (even though the baking pan wasn't necessarily safe) that all of those bundt cakes were coming out of non-stick bundt pans. My family wasn't an anomaly - many people are accustomed to baking with pans coated with teflon. Understandably, who wants their favorite recipes stuck in the pan? But there's an alternative to cooking and baking with Teflon in the kitchen. Really.

As a re-cap, non-stick surfaced pans are metal pans (such as aluminum) coated with a synthetic polymer called polytetraflouroetheylene (PFTE), also known as Teflon. Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), is a chemical used to bond the coating to the pan. And when the pan reaches medium to high temperatures, toxic fumes are released (actually enough to kill a pet bird if you happen to keep one in your kitchen). These fumes can also cause people to develop flu-like symptoms, also known as "Teflon Flu."

So, needless to say, we were mighty happy to come across this glass bundt pan that makes a fabulous bundt cake! And yes, you need to give the pan a resist so buttering it up with your choice of oil will allow the cake to pop right out, intact and beautiful. The glass form is made of heat resistant borosilicate glass which provides even baking and the ability to see the entire baking process. Use it in the oven, microwave or refrigerator and then send it through the dishwasher to clean!

So, for some bundt cake baking inspiration, here are few recipes to get you in the mood...

Starting with Carrie's from Deliciously Organic: a classic Vanilla Bundt cake that also happens to Grain Free/Paleo and baked in the glass bundt pan.



What is your favorite Bundt cake recipe? Please share!

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