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Win a Complete Set of Wean Green!

08.07.13 Win a Complete Set of Wean Green!

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What to do when you can't find suitable, safe and stylish eco-friendly food storage? 

Make them yourself! 

That's what Melissa, the founder of Wean Green did when she was in need of food storage for her homemade baby food. And as her kids have grown, so has her company and the fabulous food storage options made by Wean Green, including sizes perfect for adults (in addition to kids and her original baby food containers).

Luckily, there are Wean Green options that double as portable food containers (yes- these are easy to pack and bring along to work because they're tough and very impressive!) and as food storage at home (convenient clear glass = ability to see exactly what's stored in the fridge).

Wean Green glass is tempered, meaning MUCH stronger than typical glass. And the BPA-Free lids are durable and don't fall apart like some other flimsy snap-lid brands. And YES. They can go in the dishwasher, freezer and microwave (sans the lid).

What exactly is included in the fabulous 7 pc. giveaway set?

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